Viral Launch Discount Coupon Code & Review (vs Jungle Scout)

I heard some great things about Viral Launch so I decided to give it a try. I have been using it for a month now and I am really starting to like it.


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Viral Launch Chrome Extension: Market Intelligence

Let’s start right away with the main tool of Viral Launch: The Chrome Extension. Every Amazon seller will need a plugin like this to pull up sales estimates right away when they are browsing the Amazon website.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

First of all the Viral Launch Chrome Extension is fully customizable! I love this! I can select exactly what info I wish to show and where! Above is the Chrome Extension with the default settings. And below I have customized it to only show the info that I want to see!

Viral Launch Chrome Extension


Accuracy test
As I said, this is an estimate. Of course, we want to know how accurate their estimate is, so I will do a little test with my own products.

 Real salesViral Launch estimateDifference
Product A478512+ 7%
Product B285319+ 12%
Product C168198+ 18%

As you can see in this test Viral Launch is quite accurate. Especially on high volume products. However, it does overestimate on all the products that I tested. So please keep this in mind when using the Chrome Extensions. That the real sales figures can be a bit lower, especially on low volume products.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension Market Trends

This is the second tab of the Chrome Extension: The Market Trends. If you click on one of the top sellers you will see their sales trend per product. However, this is quite a handy feature to get an overall view of the sales trends of all the top sellers. In the example of the picture above I searched: “Beach Towel”. Obviously, this product does really well in the summer months and this is exactly what you can see in the Market Trends Tab.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension VL Analysis

Next tab is the Viral Launch Analysis. This is where the Viral Launch algorithm will give you feedback on your product idea. I don’t really use this feature as I much rather use my own judgment, but if you are new this can be quite reassuring.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension Cost Calculator

And the last tab is the Cost Calculator. Here you enter your unit cost and it will use the FBA fee’s to calculate how much profit you will make per unit.

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Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout

So let’s compare the Chrome Extension of Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout. I will base my comparison on Accuracy & Functionality.


 Real SalesViral Launch EstimateViral Launch DifferenceJungle ScoutJungle Scout Difference
Product A478512+ 7%454- 5%
Product B285319+ 12 %259- 9%
Product C168198+ 18 %148- 12%

As you can see in the results, Viral Launch overestimates and Jungle Scout underestimates. Also, Jungle Scout is a bit more accurate.


I have to give this one to Viral Launch. The option to fully customize the Chrome Extensions is huge. But they also have a bunch of features that Jungle Scout doesn’t have. For example, the Market Trend for all the top sellers is an awesome feature that only Viral Launch has.


Need Help with Product Research?

Amazon FBA Product Research Tutorial

I have a Beginner Product Research Tutorial here.  This tutorial will show you the basic checklist of what to look for when picking the right niche!

I also have an Advanced Tutorial in the form of an E-Book.  Here I will show you 3 unique product research methods I use myself when doing product research!

You can grab a Free Sample of My E-Book if you drop you e-mail below!



Viral Launch Product Discovery

Product Discovery is the product database of Viral Launch. They have a huge database with millions of Amazon products that you can search with your own filter. In my product research tutorial, I show you which product requirements I use for the database. You simply enter the requirements as a filter and Viral Launch will output products based on this. You can do this on Product, Keyword, Brand & Category level.


Viral Launch Viral Launch Product Discovery


Viral Launch Product Discovery

So based on the requirements we entered it outputs a whole lot of potential great products. I just browsed the list for 2 minutes and selected this keyword: “Baby Kneeler”.

Average reviews: 34 (LOW)
Average Revenue: $6,700 (HIGH)

Let’s take a closer look at the first page by pulling up the

These are the type of products we are looking for! High demand & low supply. Let’s take a closer look at this market by pulling up the Chrome Extension.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

As you can see the first page is filled with products with less than 100 reviews but selling for a huge amount. The number 2 only has 57 reviews, but is selling for $41k per month!

This is just a product I found by using Viral Launch in 2 minutes. I am not going into too much depth about doing product research, but if you want to learn more you should check out my full tutorial.

Click Here to try out the Viral Launch Database


Viral Launch UK

Yes, Viral Launch also works on Amazon UK. It even works Amazon Canada, Mexico, Japan, and all the European marketplaces!

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch Pricing

The intermediate plan will offer the 2 core features: The Chrome Extension and the Database. If you are looking for product research tools than this will offer everything that you need. If you are already selling on Amazon and also wants to use some of their other features such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Listing builder
  • Listing analyzer
  • Keyword tracker

Then your best bet is to go with the annual plan. It’s $30 extra but it will give you all the tools you need for an established seller.

Viral Launch Coupon Code


Enter GARLIC to get 40% Discount on Viral Launch

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Doesn't expire

   Click Here to try out Viral Launch

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  1. Love Viral Launch! after using Jumpsend for a while I discovered that VL hasta 340.000 people on their database, which is far more than Jumpsend

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