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Running an e-commerce business on Amazon requires great professionalism if you want to stand out and succeed. Apart from finding winning products, optimizing product listings, and using landing pages, you also need great product photos.

Indeed, Amazon product photography is an important part of the e-commerce business. It’s because they provide almost real-life photos of the products you sell and positively or negatively affect the visitors. Therefore, you have to ensure you use a reliable and high-quality service. Among the many available online, in this post, we look at Viral Launch photography service.

Amazon Product Photo Importance

Before we head to reviewing Viral Launch photography service, we’d like to briefly look at the importance of good Amazon product photos.

The first thing to have in mind is that there are two types of product photos:

  • Product photos – show a photo only from the product sold. They feature an all-white background and focus on the product’s visual details like material (zoomed to the max), letters, or images printed on them.
  • Lifestyle photos – show a photo of the product using in everyday life. Usually, there is a person or more people using the product in a specific setting. For instance, if you sell a laptop table, the photo will show a person working on their laptop using the table.

In addition, great product photos can positively affect the clicks and conversion of your product(s). It’s because they:

  • grab customers’ attention
  • make a good first impression
  • boost the product’s quality
  • raise feelings in potential customers and inspire them to buy the product
  • serve as a branding technique since they usually contain your brand’s logo and colors

Viral Launch Photography Service

Now that we’ve shown the importance of good and professional Amazon product photos, we can take a look at one of the best-known photography services – Viral Launch.

Viral Launch on its own is a product discovery, listing optimization, and launching tool for Amazon sellers. Apart from these features, the company offers a photography service to Amazon sellers.

As they promise, their photography service offers high-quality Amazon product photos that can help increase sales and CTR. They have a professional photo studio and photography exerts that take photos of your products.

The Benefits of Viral Launch Photos

Viral Launch focus on creating photos that will benefit your e-commerce business in several ways, including:

  • Increase conversions – by highlighting products’ features, such as material or design, thus increasing their value and making customers purchase them;
  • Increase clicks – due to their high-quality and conversion-optimized photos, Viral Launch photos increase the number of clicks on your products;
  • Boost your brand – by producing high-quality photos, which may or may not contain your branding elements such as a logo or specific color palette, they help build your brand and show that you sell quality products.

How to Order a Photography Service from Viral Launch?

If you want Viral Launch to take care of taking photos of your Amazon products, you need to:

  • submit your order by choosing one of the three packages they offer and provide all relevant product information;
  • send your products to their headquarters;
  • contact one of their photographs who will do the product shooting to let them know what you want (your vision).

Once you place your order and send them your products, you will get in touch with the photographer who will do the shooting to tell them what you want. Then, they will take photos and will send them to you. When you receive them, you can upload them to your product listing(s).

Viral Launch Photography Service Pricing

Viral Launch Photography Service offers 3 pricing packages:

  • Conversion Starter Kit – $597; includes 3-5 high-quality photos, hero and lifestyle images, photos based on market analysis, clicks and conversions optimization, models (if needed), and professional post-production;
  • Conversion Master – $797; includes 6-9 high-quality photos and all above-mentioned services;
  • Branding Expert – $1,447; includes over 12 high-quality photos and all above-mentioned services plus short-list and branding consultation and extra photos.

Viral Launch Photography Service Alternatives

If you’re not sure if Viral Launch is the right choice, you can also check out other available photography services, such as Prime Label Studios, AMZ One Step, as well as freelance platforms like Jungle Market Amazon Photography and Fiverr.

Prime Label Studios

Prime Label Studios is an all-in-one branding company that offers photography, graphic design, video, and copywriting services. They focus on optimizing photos for conversion, thus helping increase sales.

Compared to Viral Launch, they not only offer more services but also one more type of photo. Apart from hero and lifestyle photos, they also offer designing infographics. However, Prime Label have a slower turnaround time, are located in Manilla, Philipines, and are in a different time zone which makes communication difficult and prolonged.

The rest of their services are more or less the same with Viral Launch, including the use of models conversion optimization, and Amazon-suitable photos. This also includes their price, which is very similar to Prime Label, with some packages being cheaper and others more expensive, especially their Premium Package.

Prime Label offers four pricing plans:

  • A+ Content Package – $450
  • Basic Package – $500
  • Prime Package – $1,000
  • Premium Package – $2,500

AMZ One Step

AMZ One Step promise to take impressive, high-quality photos that truly reflect your brand and vision. They also promise to create photos that will help your business stand out from the test and become recognizable. Just one glance at their photos, you will notice that they look amazing and extremely professional.

Compared to Viral Launch, they provide a lot more types of photos, including:

  • product images with white background
  • lifestyle
  • infographics
  • before and after
  • comparison
  • features
  • dimension

They also offer two other services (depending on the package chosen) apart from the photography: videography and copywriting.

Their greatest advantage compared to Viral Launch is the price. They offer four pricing plans (packages):

  • Standard Pack – $445
  • Real Life Photography Pack – $695
  • Super Pack – $595; contains the Standard Pack + Copywriting
  • Conversion Booster – $725; contains the Standard Pack + Videography

Apart from offering lower prices and four plans, they also offer more for the price. Each package contains more compared to Viral Launch. And, oh, they have a really fast turnaround time.

Freelance Marketplaces

If you prefer working with a freelancer than a company (agency), you can search Jungle Market Amazon Photography and Fiverr.

Jungle Market Amazon Photography

This platform is an excellent choice for those who want to hire a freelancer to take care of their Amazon product images. There are plenty of top-quality freelancers that have been carefully chosen by the Jungle Scout Market team.

You can find freelancers offering only photography services but also freelancers offering photography, product listing, and even PPC management services. The prices depend on the freelancer’s experience and offer, and range from $20 to a few hundreds of dollars.


Fiverr is one of the leading freelance platforms in the world. There you can find hundreds of Amazon product photographers and over 4,000 Amazon product photography services. Finding the right one is easy since you can use keywords to specify the exact service you need. Plus, you can see their rating by previous clients. The prices depend on the freelancer’s experience and offer, and range from $5 to $1,000 for full packages that include photography, videography, models, and more.

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