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Starting an e-commerce business on Amazon can be a daunting task. It’s mostly because you need to analyze the market condition and your competitors and find out which products are in the highest demand.

For this, you need a product research tool that will analyze all the abovementioned things and will gather all the information you need. And, we know that there are many product research tools, some paid and some free, but not all of them are equally effective. One of the free tools is Unicorn Smasher!

Let’s see what this tool has to offer to Amazon sellers!

Unicorn Smasher: Basics

Unicorn Smasher is a free Amazon product research tool developed by the creators of AMZ Tracker. It’s created to help you find winning products you can sell on Amazon, thus helping you succeed in your business.

It comes in the form of a Chrome extension that displays all the information gathered about Amazon products. Since it does all the product research on its own, it saves you a lot of time and makes running your business much simpler.

Unicorn Smasher provides you with different data, including sales KPIs, revenue estimations, number of sellers, average price, average review ratings, and any other relevant information. All of this can be served on a simple dashboard or downloaded as a CSV file.

Unicorn Smasher: Features

Unicorn Smasher may look too pinky and joyous at first, but it’s a killer among product research tools. It comes packed with lots of amazing features, which are easy to use and provide users with everything they need to have a smooth start with their Amazon business and succeed in it.

Now, let’s take a look at each of the features!

Find Winning Products

Unicorn Smasher’s goal is to help users find the best-selling and profitable products on the market. It analyzes the entire Amazon to show you which product(s) is worth investing in to help you succeed and scale your business.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Unicorn Smasher comes with a truly impressive dashboard that is organized, comprehensive, and contains all information you need to find winning products. It divides all product data and research data into different categories, including price, brand, number of sellers, product rank, potential sales, potential revenue, and more. Also, it allows you to filter data so that you can easily see specific information. When using this option, you can simply click “Add to Dashboard” to instantly view your filtered searches the next time you log in. Plus, you can save them and even export data as CSV files.

Chrome Extension

As mentioned previously, Unicorn Smasher comes as a Google Chrome extension, which makes it super-simple to use. Hence, there’s no need to download anything, just install it on your browser.

Product Sales Estimates

One of the 2 most important things for every seller, aside from the profit, is the number of sales made. And, this tool does exactly that – it estimates the number of sales your product would make per month based on real figures from thousands of products sold on Amazon.

Revenue Estimates

Here’s the second more important thing every seller wants to know. Fortunately, Unicorn Smasher can “foresee” the revenue each product would bring you based on data obtained from thousands of products sold on Amazon. In this way, it gives you a better idea of the income you can expect from the suggested products.

Price Suggestion

Apart from estimating the number of sales and revenue, this tool also provides you with suggested prices. These prices are based on the analysis made on the competitors, market research, and historical data from your niche. In this way, you’ll always have the most competitive price, compared to your competition, thus attracting more potential buyers.

Variation Data

Using this tool, you will get access to statistics and metrics of each product’s variations. This can help you keep up with the latest market trends, use them in your sales strategies, and apply them to your products.

In-Browser Analysis

One really awesome feature of this tool is that it provides you with the PPC and sales metrics right inside your browser as you search Amazon. In that way, it saves you hours and hours of creating spreadsheets with all these statistics. It’s so convenient and time-saving!

Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs are important for SEO and prevent duplicated content, thus ensuring the top-selling (original) product ranks first. They also help you check how optimized the canonical URLs of your products are.

Quick Links

For even greater convenience, Unicorn Smasher offers you quick links, an option that allows you to quickly access any product’s listing right from your dashboard. In this way, it speeds up the product research process and saves you time.

Favorite Products

With this feature, Unicorn Smasher allows you to quickly save your favorite searches so that you can access them much easier the next time you use this product research tool. In that way, it saves you time the next time you will be looking for them.

Sharing Tool

Need to share your research without sharing the product you intend to sell or your niche? No problem! Unicorn Smasher allows you to do that discreetly with its sharing tool feature.

AMZ Tracker Integration

Since this product research tool comes from the same team that created AMZ Tracker, it’s expected to have the option to integrate with that program. For those of you who might not have heard of AMZ Tracker, it’s a program that allows you to track the keywords the products of your competitors rank for, their SEO optimization, and negative reviews. Thus, using both tools at the same time will allow you to track how your products rank on Amazon and come up with strategies that will help them rank on the top.

To make the most of the AMZ Tracker and the Unicorn Smasher in-browser analyzer, you just need to enter your competitor’s listing(s) in the analyzer to see if they are optimized. Then, track, or better said, spy their sales in the tracker.

Export Tool

As already mentioned in the Basics part, you can save but also export your research findings as a CSV file. This tool is the one that makes that possible, thus allowing you to save the data locally, on your device, and access it offline.

Fulfillment Details

This feature shows who you are up against FBA, FBM, and AMZ.

Multiple Seller Counter

Unicorn Smasher provides an account to each seller of the product.


Unicorn Smasher has customer support and a help center available to users whenever they need help.

Unicorn Smasher: Accuracy

Some of the things that first come to our mind when we come across free products/software/tools are Do they really work? Are they efficient? Are they accurate?

From experience, not only with e-commerce tools and programs but with all products on the market, in general, we know that there’s always a reason (a fault) why they are free. As it’s said, “Nothing good in life comes free”.

The good thing about Unicorn Smasher is that it usually provides sales and revenue estimates that are lower than expected, i.e. it underestimates them. And, this, although not accurate, is not bad because it means that you will probably earn more than you expected, which is great.

However, the thing that users mostly complain about is product rankings. It’s because the sponsored items are prioritized, which means that the ranking system isn’t organic but paid. Hence, it’s not exactly accurate in ranking the products that are truly winning ones.

If you want to get more accurate data results, it’s recommended to get the paid version of Unicorn Smasher. This version, apart from being more accurate, also allows you to add an opportunity score to the product data. This feature shows the suitability of your product for Amazon. And, this, increases your chances of succeeding even more.

Unicorn Smasher: Pricing

This fantastic Amazon product research tool has two pricing plans:

  • Free forever – This version, as the name suggests, is free to use forever. Available as a Google Chrome extension, this tool comes packed with all the features mentioned above.
  • Pro$49 one-time purchase, lifetime license. This version is the same as the free one, with the difference of being more accurate. Plus, it allows you to add Opportunity Score to product data. It’s perfect for serious e-sellers who want to succeed in their business.

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