Landing Cube vs AMZPromoter

Landing pages have become a kind of a must for Amazon sellers. They’ve turned into an inevitable part of every Amazon marketing strategy. Why? Simply because they bring more visitors to the store, hence, increase the number of traffic, with that the number of sales. And, that’s what every seller aims at.

In recent years, a lot of landing page generators have appeared. As their name suggests, they generate appealing user-friendly landing pages for stores. In this post, we look at and compare two of them: Landing Cube and AMZPromoter.

Landing Cube vs AMZPromoter: Basics

Before heading to their features, let’s briefly explain both products. What are they? What do they do? and other basic information to give you an idea of them, especially if you are a complete beginner.

What Is Landing Cube?

Landing cube is a landing page generator that builds appealing, responsive, and user-friendly landing pages that increase sales. It does that by converting external traffic into sales. And, no, there’s no magic; it just combines amazing tools, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Messanger, Facebook Pixel, custom URL generator, email list builder by capturing emails, promote codes, and many other tools for targeting and retargeting.

Landing Cube was created by David Hehenberger, an e-commerce marketing guru, and his team. He came to the idea after realizing that there was no tool that captures buyers’ emails before they finish their purchase.

How to Use Landing Cube?

This tool is very easy to use as you set up the landing page in a couple of minutes, with a few clicks. Namely, you just have to enter the campaign name and the URL of your product on Amazon and Landing Cube will do its work. Moreover, you can easily customize it according to your needs.

What is AMZPromoter?

AMZPromoter is a simple, easy-to-use landing page generator and automated coupon delivery system. It created a landing page for your campaign in no time, with a few clicks. The landing pages created with this tool are beautiful, responsive, user-friendly, and converting. Most importantly, this tool aims at sending coupons to anyone who has entered their email address, to offer them a product they can’t deny. In that way, they boost the sales.

AMZPromoter comes equipped with some amazing features like automated coupon distribution, email capture, email marketing software integration, quality product images and videos, and more.

It was created by Josh Raines, an Amazon entrepreneur, and Stas Belkov, a developer. He came to the idea of creating this product after realizing that Amazon doesn’t have a simple coupon distribution tool.

How to Use AMZPromoter?

AMZPromoter is very easy to use and you don’t need any technical knowledge to do it. To create a landing page for a product campaign, you just have to paste your product’s ASIN number and almost all the fields will be automatically filled out. You can add photos, videos, and more to customize the landing page.

Landing Cube vs AMZPromoter: Features

Now that you got a clear image of these two landing page generators, we can take a look at their features.

Landing Cube Features

Landing Page Builder

Having a landing page is a must for every serious Amazon seller and Landing Cube allows you to create one in a few minutes. The creation process goes step-by-step, which makes it incredibly simple even for novices.

Your landing page will have several elements you can customize if you want to, including:

  • product images
  • product description
  • videos
  • 5-start reviews
  • branding options
  • FAQs

There are also several landing page templates you can choose from, including classic, bold, modern, and elegant.

Emails Capture

With Landing Cube, you can capture email addresses and exchange them with coupon codes. What makes this feature important is that it helps you grow your email list. This means more potential customers to advertise your products via email to. You can send them newsletters with promotions, discounts, and new product launches. What makes email marketing important is the fact that, according to SalesForce, it has an ROI of 3,800%.

Singe-Use Promo Codes

Promo codes are great, especially for attracting new customers. But, generating them can be a real quest. With Landing Cube, you don’t have to worry about that as it automatically sends single-use promo codes to anyone who signs up with their email address. Plus, it helps you track them.

Email Marketing Tools Integration

Landing Cube integrates seamlessly with any email marketing tool you use. It supports several email marketing providers, such as MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Drip, and ConvertKit. Even if you don’t want to use a third-party provider, Landing Cube collects the customer emails for you.

2-Step URLs Generator

This feature, as its name suggests, allows you to create 2-step URLs for each product. What does this mean? It means that when a potential customer uses one of your URLs to view your product, Amazon sees that as if the person used your target keyword(s) to look for it and then clicked on your product listing. This is important for enhancing your SEO strategy and ranking your product listings higher on Amazon’s search results.

Tracking and Retargeting

This feature allows you to integrate Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics with one click with your landing page. When you do this, Landing Cube starts recording all your conversions and allows you to track your performance. Also, you can use this data for retargeting audiences.

Not using Facebook Pixes or Google Analytics? No problem, you can use the custom scripts feature of Landing Cube to add all tracking codes.

Anti-Abuse Settings

These settings protect you from promo code abusers, thus protecting your inventory. You can do that in various ways, such as: asking the users to click on the confirmation link sent in their inbox, block certain addresses such as those from disposable email services, limiting the number of promo codes to one per email address or IP address, and setting a daily code limit per campaign.

Countdown Timer

You may not find this feature essential but having a countdown timer on your landing page is more important than you can imagine. It’s because it creates a sense of urgency for the viewers. When they see a promotion, discount, or whatever short-term offer, they get the urge to buy it before it’s gone.

Facebook Messenger Bot Campaigns

Today, every website has a Facebook Messenger bot because it’s an extremely convenient way to communicate with potential customers. Amazon sellers can now also take advantage of that because Landing Cube offers a feature to create product campaigns in Messenger. Namely, when someone clicks on your ad, a messenger window will open, send them the promo along with the link to the product, and send an after-sale follow-up message.

AMZPromoter Features

Quick Build Landing Pages

With AMZPromoter, you can create a beautiful landing page for every product you sell in just a few minutes. Setting up a landing page is very simple and each one is responsive and highly converting.

The landing pages have several elements, including:

  • product images
  • product description
  • videos
  • branding options
  • scarcity timer
  • FAQ
  • ad compliant footer

Emails Capture

This feature allows you to capture emails from customers in exchange for a coupon code. Hence, when they sign up for a coupon, AMZPromoter will save and store their email address, thus easily building your email list. And, you know that having an email list is essential for email marketing via which you can send your subscribers promotions, discounts, product launches, etc.

Automatic Coupon Code Distribution

AMZPromoter takes care of your coupon codes, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. Namely, single-use coupon codes are sent automatically upon signing up, directly in the subscribers’ inbox. The only thing you should take care of is creating the codes. You can generate them in Seller Central and then upload them on AMZPromoter.

Email Marketing Tools Integration

To make the most of your email marketing, AMZPromoter can integrate with a wide variety of email marketing tools, including Mailchimp, AWeber, Drip, GetResponse, Zapier, and more.

URL Builder Tool

The URL builder tool allows you to quickly create URLs that will boost your ranking on Amazon search pages. With it, you can create three types of links: Normal URL, SuperURL, and Search and Buy URL. There is also a rotating feature which allows you to rotate between different URLs to rank multiple keywords.

Facebook Messenger Bot Campaigns

Everyone’s on Facebook today. That’s why you need to take advantage of that by using Facebook Messenger for driving more traffic to your Amazon store. With AMZPromoter, you can integrate your campaigns into the chatbot and send them to your target audience on Facebook. Namely, when you run Facebook Ads and someone clicks on them, a new chat window opens and the coupon code along with the link to the product is sent in it automatically.

Analytics and Conversion Tracking

With AMZPromoter, you can track your conversions and data with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel. There’s also an option to add custom scripts to your pages to maximize your campaigns.

Multiple Marketplaces Support

Selling on multiple marketplaces? No problem! AMZPromoter supports several of them, including Amazon US, UK, ES, FR, IT, DE, and IN. There’s also an option for manual campaigns on Amazon CA, AU, BR, JP, CN, and MX. Moreover, it supports several languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

Filtering and Security

AMZPromoter has various security options to prevent abusive coupon claims and other malicious activities, such as: email verification, email opt-in, limiting coupons to one code per email and IP address, blocking junk and temporary email addresses, and limiting the number of coupons sent per day.

Facebook Custom Audiences Support

Have a custom audience for your Facebook Ads? Then, you can take advantage of this feature! It allows you to import user email addresses for retargeting on Facebook and Instagram.

To use it, you have to integrate AMZPromoter with the Facebook Custom Audience. Once, you do it, it’ll create a Seller Central report of all the orders made and will send the customers’ names and email addresses to the Facebook custom audience feature. Having those data, Facebook can match them to an existing Facebook account and connect you with your customers via Facebook Ads.

Amazon Marketplace Web Service Integration

This service helps Amazon sellers exchange data on listings, orders, payments, and more. Integrating with it allows for higher selling automation and selling efficiency. It also improves your response time to customers’ queries and reduces the work you have to do.

When you integrate AMZPromoter with this web service, it will use the available APIs to get all data from your Seller Central account.

Landing Cube vs AMZPromoter: Pricing

Landing Cube

Landing Cube has 3 pricing plans:

  • Beginner – $29/month billed annually; monthly subscription $49/month
  • Individual Seller – $47/month billed annually; $79/month
  • Business – $119/month billed annually; $199/month

There is also a 21-day free trial period.


AMZPromoter also has 3 pricing plans:

  • Starter – $19/month billed annually; monthly subscription $25/month
  • Essential – $37/month billed annually; monthly subscription $49/month
  • Professional – $74/month billed annually; monthly subscription $99/month

There is also a 14-day free trial period.

Landing Cube vs AMZPromoter: Comparison

If we look at their features, we can notice that both these landing page generators share almost all of them. They both have:

  • landing page builder
  • email capture
  • automated coupon distribution
  • email marketing support
  • analytics and tracking conversion support
  • filtering and security option
  • custom code support
  • URL builder tool
  • Facebook chatbot campaigns option

In fact, when it comes to their features, they only differ in two of them. Namely, Landing Cube doesn’t have Amazon MWS integration and Facebook custom audience integration. So, AMZPromoter has a slight advantage over Landing Cube due to this difference in two features.

Now, if we compare their price, it’s clear that AMZPromoter is a bit more affordable than Landing Cube. There’s a $10 and more per month difference in the annual subscription and a much greater difference in the monthly subscription.

Landing Cube vs AMZPromoter: Pros and Cons

After we’ve looked at the features and prices of these two landing page generators and compared them, it’s time to wrap up this comparison review by looking at their pros and cons separately.

Landing Cube


  • URL generator – allows you to create custom URLs for the landing pages that will help you boost your rank.
  • Multiple Amazon marketplaces support – supports Amazon US, Canada, Europe, and India.
  • 5-start reviews automatic input – automatically inputs the last 5-star ratings you receive from your customers to your landing page.
  • Facebook chatbot campaigns – allows you to send a link to the landing page within Facebook Messenger.
  • Landing pages embedding in your website – if you also run a website along with your Amazon store, Landing Cube allows you to post the landings page on it.
  • Excellent customer support – quick customer support via tickets; response time around an hour during the weekend, which is impressive.
  • Academy and training – Landing Cube offers online courses as well as training videos and webinars about driving traffic to your landing pages.
  • 21-day free trial – a longer trial period that we are used to seeing, which is enough to test the tool and see if it’s the right one for you.


  • Pretty high starting pricing plan – paying $49/month on a monthly subscription is a lot for novices. While the annual subscription is pretty affordable, novices mostly choose a monthly subscription at the beginning.
  • Limited customization – although you can customize the elements on the landing page, you can’t create a custom landing page; you have to use one of their templates.
  • Beginners’ pricing plan has the Landing Cube logo – sellers who use the beginner’s pricing plan can’t remove the logo from their landing pages. To do that, they have to upgrade to some of the more expensive plans.



  • URL builder tool – allows you to create three types of URLs and rotate between them to boost your ranking in Amazon search pages.
  • Multiple Amazon marketplaces support – supports Amazon US, UK, ES, FR, DE, and IT. Plus, it supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.
  • Facebook chatbot campaigns – allows you to send a link to your landing pages within Facebook Messenger.
  • Analytics dashboard – a dashboard dedicated to analytics where you can track all your conversions, number of users, page views, and conversion rate.
  • 14-day free trial – although shorter than the period offered by Landing Cube, it’s still enough time to test the tool and its features.
  • Low starter pricing plan – compared to Landing Cube, it has a more affordable starting plan, both, on monthly and annual subscriptions.
  • No logo on the landing pages – while Landing Cube adds its logo on sellers’ landing pages on the basic plan, AMZPromoter doesn’t.


Limited templates – there are only 3 landing page templates offered. While there are custom templates, you need to know how to code to create some.

No customer support before subscription – there’s no customer support for users who want to ask something about the tool before subscribing to one of the plans. Also, there’s no contact info or links to social media profiles. However, there is a help center and “contact us” chatbox ticket-support-kind on their website.


So, which landing page generator is for you: Landing Cube or AMZPromoter?

As you can see, they are almost the same when it comes to their features. Of course, they also differ one from another in certain aspects. Therefore, it’s best to carefully look at their features, price, and pros & cons before you choose one.

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