Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Being an Amazon seller is a great opportunity to gain financial freedom while working from wherever you want. However, the competition is immense, so you need to try hard to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by your target audience. And, since the beginning is the most important part of making a great start, you must have the right products.

But, which products to sell? A rule of thumb is that to succeed, you need to sell high-profitable, high-searchable but low-competitive products. Where to find them? Right there, on Amazon, using some of the available product research tools. Today, we look at two of the most used tools: Jungle Scout and Viral Launch to make choosing one easier.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Basics

Both, Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are amazing product research tools that allow you to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. They come with a plethora of impressive features that go a step further to do what they promise to do.

Both of these tools share features on product research, list building, keyword research, and basic marketing (product launch). However, they also differ in some of them. Namely, Jungle Scout offers some tracking features, sales analytics, and product and supplies database. On the other hand, Viral Launch focuses on keyword management and optimizing product listings and also offers PPC features, and split testing.

Another difference is that they show different results when searching for keyword popularity, with Jungle Scout showing more and Viral Launch more than twice less. Also, Jungle Scout offers a paid Chrome Extension whereas Viral Launch includes it in its price.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Features

Jungle Scout Features

Jungle Scout comes with a plethora of features that help you not only find winning products but also optimize your listings, tailor a marketing plan, and boost your sales.

Product Tracker

The Product Tracker helps you keep all product data in one place and tracks products’ performance over time. Also, it allows you to group, organize, and compare product ideas, provides you with sales data, and helps you choose your next product.

Opportunity Finder

This feature allows you to find products that have high demand and low competition using keywords. It also provides you with keyword’s popularity over time, sales performance, niche seasonality, emerging trends, and more. In this way, it helps you find trendy products so that you can start selling as soon as possible.

Niche Hunter

This is one of the latest features of Jungle Scout, which promises to be the easiest way to find products for your Amazon store. Unlike general product research features, this one asks you to choose your niche and then it does all the searching work itself.

Product Database

Here you will find all products sold on Amazon (over 70 million). You can filter products by categories, revenue, estimates, sales, and more to find the ones that best fit your criteria.

Supplier Database

In this section, you get access to verified high-quality suppliers and manufacturers. You can also match products to manufacturers, find niche suppliers, search by ASIN, manage and compare supplier quotes, and generate purchase orders.


Thanks to this feature, you will be aware of all changes related to products and your store, such as inventory, price, and review changes. In this way, you’ll be able to take immediate action based on your needs, such as order a product the price of which dropped to add products to inventory. Best of all, you don’t have to be logged into your Jungle Scout account to receive these notifications.

Keyword Scout

With this feature, you’ll be able to find high-converting keywords for your product listings. Also, you will get an insight into what customers search for and which keywords your competitors use to rank high on Amazon search results. You can search keywords by ASINs and see which keywords products rank for, sort keywords to find how to best optimize your product listings, see the cost-per-click per each keyword to make the most of your PPC efforts.

Rank Tracker

Here’s one of the new features of Jungle Scout. As its name suggests, it tracks the ranks of keywords. It shows you their rank history and performance and shows you which keywords affect your and competitors’ product listings.

Listing Builder

Here’s another newly added feature that allows you to build better product listings using the right keywords. It also gives you an immediate rank for your listing and allows you to connect your Seller Central account to Jungle Scout.

Review Automation

Thanks to this newly added feature, you no longer have to bag your customers to leave a review. It does that for you by sending them automated review requests. Now, you have more time to dedicate to your business.

Sales Analytics

As you can guess this feature is the center of all your finances. It tracks your sales, profits, Amazon fees, provides you with details on product performance to details, and shows you the financial health of your business. Also, it tracks FBA shipping so you know when your products reach the Amazon FBA headquarters.

Inventory Manager

Instead of opening each product to see how many items of the same you have in your inventory, this feature shows that to you. It also allows you to manage your inventory with ease and estimates how many items you will have to order and when. No more out-of-stock items nor ordering items that don’t sell.


This feature allows you to boost your product listing(s), accelerate your sales, get customer reviews, and prevent promotion abuse.

Jungle Scout Extension

The extension helps you find winning products while exploring Amazon. It’s very simple to use and provides you will all the details about any product you are interested in, from estimated sales to profit, to rank and more. You can use it within Google Chrome and Mozzila.


The Academy is not exactly a feature, rather a training program for Amazon sellers. It offers training videos and resources that can teach anyone interested in Amazon FBA selling how to become successful.

Viral Launch Features

Viral Launch also comes with many features which help Amazon sellers reach their goal of selling as many products as possible.

Product Discovery

The company promises that this is “the most accurate Amazon product finder in the galaxy”. This feature allows you to find products by filtering them by categories, monthly sales, estimated profit, and other options. In this way, it allows you to find winning products easily and quickly.

Market Intelligence

This feature provides you with all essential data per each product, such as sales estimates, historical sales, prices, trend data. It also provides you with the estimated profit and cost of each product you are interested in. Moreover, you can monitor products’ trends, analysis, and reviews to ensure you choose profitable products.

Keyword Research

With this feature, you can find relevant keywords for each product to create optimized product listing(s). Also, it provides you with hidden keywords your competitors don’t use, bid for targeted keywords, and historical volume search trends. In this way, it helps you choose the best keywords to create an optimized product listing that will rank higher on search engines.

Competitor Intelligence

Using this feature, you can get an insight into your competitors’ performance. To use it, you need to enter a product’s ASIN and you will get all top-performing and low-competitive keywords. Also, you get data on a product’s sales based on the keyword used and can analyze and track keyword rank, sales, price, reviews, and much more.

Listing Analyzer

This tool analyzes product listings and compares the rank of your and your competitors’ product. After the analysis, it shows you which parts need to be improved and how you can do that to boost your sales.

Keyword Manager

This tool helps you manage your keywords and tracks the most important keyword analytics from a single dashboard. You can add, remove, edit, and track any keyword you want to ensure you use the right ones.

Listing Builder

As its name suggests, this tool helps you build product listings by providing you with all data you need. Using it, you’ll be able to build a product listing that contains all relevant keywords for the product, thus creating a listing that is optimized for search engines.

Kinetic PPC

Here’s a feature every seller wishes for. It automates your Amazon PPC, thus saving you time and boosting your profits. And, “less work more profit” is what every entrepreneur dreams of.

With this tool, you can control your ads and use pre-made rule templates or create customized ones. You can also approve actions manually or automatically and see data about your campaigns, keywords, and more.

Split Testing

Viral Launch has a unique feature of split testing, which uses the Listing Dojo platform. This feature allows you to test up to 7 variations of your product listing, including title, images, product descriptions, and prices. After the testing, you receive a report on each variation’s performance. This allows you to identify which variation performs best and will work best for your ads, helping you increase sales and profit.


If you want to drive more traffic to your product listings and accelerate sales from the very start, this is the tool you need. It’s an Amazon launch program that allows you to easily set up promotional discounts. And, since people love discounted products, they will rush to buy or at least check out your product(s).

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Feature Comparison

Now that we’ve looked at all the features these two product research tools offer, we can compare them. In order to get a clear image of the comparison, we’ve divided the features into three categories.

Product Discovery

Both tools offer this great product research features that help sellers find winning products. Jungle Scout has the Product Database and Viral Launch has Product Discovery both of which do extensive research according to pre-defined parameters.

Market Analysis

When it comes to this “sister feature”, both tools have features for it. Jungle Scout has Niche Hunter and Viral Launch has Market Intelligence. However, Market Intelligence outruns Niche Hunter because it provides more details for each product across various product markets to helps sellers make the right decision.

Keyword Research

Both product research tools come with similar keyword research features and both offer an easy finding of the right keywords. They both also provide information about each keyword, such as search volume, relevancy, PPC bid cost, etc. However, Jungle Scout goes a step forward and offers two more features in addition to the general PPC Bid Cost: Broad PPC Bid costs and HSA Bid.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Pricing

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has three pricing plans:

  • Basic – starting from $29/month per annual subscription; $49/month per monthly subscription
  • Suite – starting from $49/month per annual subscription; $69/month per monthly subscription
  • Professional – starting from $84/month per annual subscription; $129/month per monthly subscription

Apart from these standard plans, Jungle Scout also offers three packages:

  • Start-up Suite – $189 for 3 months
  • Entrepreneur Suite – $349 for 6 months
  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp – $999 for 12 months

Free Trial???

No, there’s no free trial, but there is a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try any pricing plan for 7 days without any risk.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch also has three pricing plans:

  • Essentials – starting from $58/month per annual subscription; $69/month per monthly subscription
  • Pro – starting from $83/month per annual subscription; $99/month per monthly subscription
  • Brand Builder – starting from $166/month per annual subscription; $199/month per monthly subscription

Free Trial???

Yes, they offer a 14-days free trial period with no credit card required.

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons


  • Lower prices than Viral Launch
  • 7-day risk-free money-back guarantee
  • More powerful PPC Keyword research tool
  • Profit calculator
  • Relevant opportunity score for finding products
  • Synchronization with product tracker
  • Export to .CSV


  • No free trial period
  • The Chrome extension isn’t included in the software’s price but bought separately
  • Limited features in the extension plan
  • A bit complex to use for beginners

Viral Launch Pros and Cons


  • 14-day free trial period
  • The Chrome Extension is included in the software’s price
  • Covers 10 Amazon marketplaces
  • Option to contact manufacturers
  • No forced sales tactics so you can choose the features you like
  • Free educative webinars


  • Higher prices than Jungle Scout
  • Keyword research tools not included in the basic plan
  • Market Intelligence may fail sometimes
  • No conversion on paid optimized content
  • Too much data on product and keyword search which beginners find confusing

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