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I think we as Amazon sellers can all agree that using the default Amazon Business Report is complete crap. And that’s for 1 simple reason: You can’t input your product cost so you have no overview if you are even making a profit.

Fetcher Discount Coupon

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Exactly for this reason there are many 3rd party profit dashboards on the market. I believe if you are serious about selling on Amazon, having a profit dashboard is absolutely necessary. I personally use Sellics. However, Sellics has quite a high price tag. Luckily there are cheaper alternative for smaller sellers. So today I have decided to do an user review for the Profit Dashboard: Fetcher.

Please keep in mind that I will probably compare this tool a lot to Sellics, as that is what I am used to.


This is the first page Fetcher will show you. Here you can get a quick overview of your sales & cost involved over a set time frame. All pretty basic stuff, nothing special going on here. However, this is already loads more info then Amazon’s default business report will show you.

When you scroll down on the main page it will show you your inventory levels. This is actually quite a handy tab as you can enter your lead time here and it will calculate how many days of inventory you have remaining.

Sales & Profit

Next page will go into more details of the Sales & profit per product:

All pretty good info, on a more per product basis. For example, as I have described in my PPC tutorial you want to know your Gross Margin for example to base your ACOS on.


This page is pretty straightforward. Fletcher will automatically import all Amazon cost into your account ( ie: storage fee, ppc cost, etc ). And you have entered your Cogs. However, you will also have the option to input custom costs, like a new laptop that you have just purchased.

Product Breakdown

This is another great feature that you won’t find in the Amazon business reports. A detailed look per product with a very slick bar graph with sales over time.

Other features


Fetcher will also show you your refunds of a set period of time. Additionally this has a pretty cool feature where it will also show you the return rate per product ( sales / returns ). From my own experience I know Amazon will start de-activating your listing once it hits around 10% return rate. So quite useful to keep track of your return rate in 1 overview.

P&L Statement

Standard P&L statement. Very useful at the end of the year or quarter to get a complet overview how your business is doing.


First of all this dashboard tool looks very slick. All the charts & info are very easy to understand and it looks very clean. However, I really wish they added some more features. The tool is very bare, offering only the essential info about your sales & profit. I like the extra features such as the refund page, and wish they had more of these. For example they could have included way more info about my PPC campaigns, my keyword rankings or reviews.


  • Cheap
  • Clean design
  • Offers all necessary info about your sales & profit.


  • No extra features, that a lot of other tools do offer
    • No PPC Tool.
    • No keyword tracker.
    • No review monitoring.
    • No competitors analysis tool.


Fetcher starts at $19 per month. This plan is for businesses with up to 2,500 order per month. I think this must be the cheapest profit dashboard tool out there. Other plans go for $39 & $99 per month. In this review I have compared Fetcher to Sellics, so I figured we should also compare prices:

Sellics entry plan is $57 per month, and I personally pay $137 per month. So yeah it depends on what you are looking for in a product dashboard. If you are looking for a cheap solution that offers the bare essential, then Fetcher would be sufficient. However, I personally need a more complete package that offers as many features are possible. So I will stay with Sellics. However, I can definitely recommend this tool for the smaller sellers.


Fetcher Discount Coupon

Fetcher Discount: First month: Free
Second month: 50% Discount

As I have worked with Jungle Scout a couple of times they gave me loads of discount codes. So if you are thinking about trying out fetcher you can use the link above to get your first month for free, and the second month with 50% discount, so only $9!



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