DS Amazon Quick View (Chrome Extension) Review

If you are an Amazon seller or are about to start your store on this platform, having the right tools is a must to succeed. There are many of them available on the market. Some are in the form of an app while others are extensions.

Although there is a vast choice of e-commerce Amazon tools you can choose from, not all of them are the right choice for your business. That’s why, you need to know them, i.e. their features, compare them with the other tools of that kind, and then, decide. And, while there are different types of tools for Amazon sellers, having a tool that will give you valuable information on products right on the Amazon page is, at least, helpful. To help you choose the right tool of this kind, in this post, we look at DS Amazon Quick View.

DS Amazon Quick View: Basics

DS Amazon Quick View is a productivity tracking Amazon tool that shows users valuable, additional information on products right on the Amazon page. Hence, there’s no need to open each product separately to read more details about it. All there is to know about it is given at your glance. Some of this info includes product ASIN, size, weight, profit margin, FBA dees, and many others.

It’s a Chrome extension that is easy to install and use. Once installed, you just need to hover over a product to see all info about it. Apart from the usual, more detailed, information related to the product, this tool also shows seller information and product rank on the search page. In that way, users learn more about their competitors, which gives them advance.

DS Amazon Quick View: Features

Quick View (as most Amazon sellers/users call it) doesn’t have classic features as most tools, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have what to offer. That’s why we are going to list what you can expect from this productivity tracking extension.

Easy to Use

DS Amazon Quick View is very easy to use since it doesn’t require any downloading and installation on your device. On contrary, it seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome and all you need to do to start using it is install it with one click on your Google Chrome browser directly from Chrome Web Store.

After installing it, you just have to go to Amazon and search for a product. When the search result page displays the products matching your search, you just need to hover over any product to have all info shown in a kind of pop-up window.

Plenty of Information at Glance

This extension shows plenty of information about any product you search for on Amazon, both, general info you get when you open a product and more info about the seller (competitor). The information displayed is:

  • Product dimensions
  • Item weight
  • ASIN
  • Item model number
  • Customer reviews
  • Best sellers rank
  • Product features (display, color, included components)
  • Manufacturer
  • Date first available
  • Price and Keepa history (premium version)
  • BSR and its history
  • Best keywords for the product
  • Which sellers sell the product (premium version)
  • FBA fees (premium version)
  • Amazon warehouse details
  • Profit margin
  • Listing quality
  • Feedback

How to Use DS Amazon Quick View?

Install It

As already mentioned, Quick View is extremely easy to use since it’s an extension you can seamlessly install from Chrome Web Store. You can find the basic and the extended versions at the following links:

Choose the Settings

Upon installing it, you will see 3 tabs: Settings, Discounts, and Contact.

The first thing to do is choose the settings you like from the following:

  • Show product details on mouseover
  • Hold CTRL (CMD) when mouseover to show popup
  • Show popups at the top right corner
  • Hide sub-rankings
  • Hide “premium” buttons

If you’re not sure which ones to activate and which not, I recommend you to tick all boxes except the “Hide sub-rankings” one since this is something you’d want to see.

Then, if you want to use other tools/extensions offered by the developer of this tool, you can go to the Discounts tab. And, if you want to contact the developer for whatever reason, you should go to the Contact tab.

Open Amazon and Search for Products

Once all is set and done, you can open Amazon.com and write the keyword(s) in the search box you want to search for. All matching products will appear on the results page.

However Over the Products

When the products appear on the search results page, you need to hover over the ones you like to see information about them. As soon as you place the mouse pointer on a product, a pop-up box will appear with all the product details Quick View provides. Which information you see depends on which version of Quick View you use.

DS Amazon Quick View: Pros and Cons

Quick View is very simple to use and it seems to be a great choice for any Amazon seller. But, of course, like all products, it also has positive and negative sides.


  • Very easy to access and use
  • Shows plenty of product information
  • Let’s you “spy” on your competitors
  • It’s time-saving as it gives you all information at glance, without the need to open each product separately to view their info and features
  • The basic version is free to use
  • There’s an extended version, which provides even more information.


  • Not enough product research data to determine if a product is profitable or not, such as sales trends, number of monthly sales, demand, and competition.
  • Limited information in the free version
  • No data sorting and comparing results since this tool allows you to view information per one product at a time.
  • Works only for Amazon.com, not with the other international sites.

DS Amazon Quick View Pricing

DS Amazon Quick View offers users 2 versions:

  • DS Amazon Quick View – FREE
  • DS Amazon Quick View Extended – $19.99 one-time fee.

DS Amazon Quick View Alternatives

As you can see, DS Amazon Quick View comes with all the important features that you need from an e-commerce tool like this one. However, if you are not sure whether it is the right productivity tracking tool for you, there are several other high-rated alternatives. Let’s check them out!

Amazon Quick View by AMZScout

The name is not the only thing these two tools share but also their features. They are very similar one to another and work pretty much the same way. The difference is that this one provides a bit more product information, to be more precise, additional insights that are helpful for the sellers. Some of their additional features are keywords, FBA fees, precise estimated sales margins, price history, product listing quality, and BSR history. In terms of the price, it’s FREE!

DS Amazon Quick vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Chrome extension is very helpful and provides plenty of detailed information. It allows users to access all product data without any trouble, including data on review tracking, revenue, monthly sales, and rating. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to learn to use it in the right ways to make the most of it. When it comes to the price, it costs $29/month and has a 14-day trial period.

AMZ Seller Browser

The last alternative for DS Amazon Quick View we are going to present to you is AMZ Seller Browser. It’s also an extension and it’s created with the aim to speed up the product research process. It allows users to find the right products to sell based on the product’s price and historical rank data. It also has some impressive features like information about competitors and quick product viewing. Just like DS Amazon Quick View, this extension is FREE to use.

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