2 Honest Jungle Scout Reviews from Reddit Users

Do you want to start your own e-commerce business on Amazon but aren’t sure how to start?

Amazon is the #1 e-commerce marketplace in the world, which makes it the perfect place to start your business. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people selling on this platform, which means you have to learn how to stand out from the rest. While there is A LOT to learn about that, you can start small, from the very beginning. That is by finding the right products to sell on Amazon. To do that, you have to use a product research tool.

There are many product research tools available, so choosing one is a bit hard. To help you make the right choice, here are 2 honest Jungle Scout reviews from Reddit users. Read them to find out more about one of the best Amazon product research tools and see if Jungle Scout is the right one for you.

Jungle Scout: The Secret Behind Its Enormous Success

Jungle Scout is a real game-changer for Amazon sellers because it has helped build many successful stores. Its main use is for finding winning products to sell and it seems that it really does that. The secret behind its success in finding the best products is that it processes data from over 500 million Amazon products. It stores all of them in its database which tracks them from the Amazon catalog and products’ sales history.

But, Jungle Scout is used for other things as well. Apart from merely finding products, it also tracks products, finds the keywords, optimizes your product listings, helps you find suppliers, estimates sales, spies on your competitors, helps you with inventory management, and much more. It is a true all-in-one tool for selling on Amazon.

Why Do You Need Jungle Scout?

The short answer is: because it makes everything much easier!

Before Jungle Scout, Amazon sellers were manually researching products, analyzing the competitors, digging product information, and creating product databases on spreadsheets. However, all this manual work took hours and hours and resulted in little data. It was lots of hard work for almost nothing.

All that changed with the birth of Jungle Scout in 2015. Amazon sellers have seen the dawn of a new world… a world where all that manual work is gone and replaced by automatic research by a tool. Instead of spending hours, sellers found winning products instantly, with a few button clicks.

Is Jungle Scout Worth Investing In?

Jungle Scout is undoubtedly one of the top product research tools on the market. It comes with a plethora of features that support Amazon sellers in every aspect of their e-commerce/dropshipping business.

But, the greatness of this all-in-one solution comes with a price. And, that’s where people get their doubts: is Jungle Scout worth investing in or not?

If you also have doubts about whether or not Jungle Scout is worth investing in, here are 2 honest reviews from Reddit users who have tried it. We hope they will help you make up your mind.

Jungle Scout Reddit Review 1

Jungle Scout review from an actual user from FulfillmentByAmazon

One passionate and experienced Amazon seller decided to give Jungle Scout a shot. He did that because it seems like a reliable tool and he wanted to reduce the time spent on sourcing products manually (which he did all the time). He has been using the tool for a week before he wrote the review.

According to him, Jungle Scout is amazing when it comes to product research because it provides a ton of details. When you look up a product, you get a lot of really useful details about it, including Amazon Best Seller’s Rank, Estimated Sales, Estimated Revenue, price, number of reviews, etc. He especially loved the Estimated Sales data because it shows sellers how many sales a product may have so they can decide if it’s worth selling or not. Plus, it can be exported to CSV so it can be opened in Excel, which is much more convenient.

Thanks to all that data, finding the right product to sell is very easy and fast. You just enter the keywords for a product you’d like to sell and hit the Search button. Then, Jungle Scout does the rest. It lists all products related to your keywords and shows all their data. Your job is to look at the products listed, compare their data, and choose the product that would bring you the most sales.

In other words, Jungle Scout simplified the product sourcing process and drastically reduces the time spent on it. As the user points out, searching for potentially profitable products used to take him at least 10 minutes per item. With Jungle Scout, he gets all the data he needs for a product in less than 30 seconds per item.

In the past, he has used another product research tool, fbatoolkit.com, but their data was often inaccurate. With Jungle Scout, he didn’t have this problem. That’s why he is using it for product research and sourcing.

Jungle Scout Reddit Review 2

First Jungle Scout product experience. from FulfillmentByAmazon

Now, here we have an Amazon seller who was just starting out. He was hunting for his first product and decided to go with Jungle Scout. He found a product he liked on Jungle Scout he thought will sell well, tracked the main sellers (7 of them) for around a month, and saw they had a decent amount of sales. So, he decided to go with that product.

However, by the time he had his product listed on Amazon, which took 3-4 months, there were already 25 active sellers on Amazon. At that moment, the competition was greater and they were all using the same PPC keywords.

He thinks that it’s not good to use the same product research tool as everyone else because you’ll end up selling the same product and using the same keywords to rank on Amazon as many other sellers. However, he points out that he made a big mistake waiting so long before he actually started selling the product.


Knowing the impressive features of Jungle Scout, the numerous positive reviews by users, its rating, and these two Reddit reviews, we can create a single final conclusion about this product.

Is Jungle Scout really worth investing in?

Yes, it is!

It’s a great product research tool that provides you will all the data you need per product in detail. This helps you learn a lot about the product and its potential on the market. It’s super-easy to use and fast, which cuts down your time on product research and sourcing.

However, Jungle Scout can’t foresee how the data will change in near future. There may be more or fewer sellers, the price may increase or decrease, and the demand for the product may change. No one knows that. Therefore, it’s best to rely on Jungle Scout for product research and sourcing at the moment.

Even if you don’t use this tool or any other tool but do all the work manually, there’s no guarantee about the product’s success. So, why not take advantage of this tool and cut down your time on searching for products and reliable sellers?

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