Free Starters Guide

I have compiled what I consider are the most important topics when you are starting with Amazon FBA, into this free PDF file.

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Chapter 1: Finding your first product

Step by step instructions on how I do my product research. Including 2 real examples.

Chapter 1 = 16 pages.

Chapter 2: Manufacturing & Shipping

I was pretty confused when I first wanted to manufacture my product in China and ship it to the US. MOQ? FOB? EXW? In this chapter I will tell you everything you need to know about having your product manufactured in China & shipping it to the US.

Chapter 2 = 5 pages.

Chapter 3: Launching & Promoting your Product

Getting your first sales & reviews are the hardest part about launching your product. In this chapter I will show you 3 methods I use to launch my product.

Chapter 3 = 5 pages.


Download PDF