[Case Study: Part 6] My Q4 Results: $10k Profit For Christmas!

I am sure many people have followed my case study this summer, where I show step by step how I launch a new product on Amazon. I figured it would be nice to give you all an update on how this product performed this Q4. The product is priced at $19,99 and can be given as a Christmas gift (although it’s not a toy).

This product was successfully launched in July. Since then I spend a little bit more work on it to improve the photos & PPC. But other than that the product has been performing pretty steady. It is still ranking on page 1 for most main keywords, but not in the top 3.

Preparing for Q4: Christmas Shopping Season

Just like for all my products I prepared this product for the busy Q4 season. I knew from last years that sales in November & December double or even triple so I made sure I had enough stock.

I also added some nice Christmas details to the product photo’s to get people into the Christmas spirit! I also set my PPC max budget at $50 as I was comfortable spending that much as I knew I had optimized my PPC campaign.

The Results

Let’s dive into the juicy bit: How much profit did I actually make with this product during the Christmas season?

Sales November & December

There you go. These are the results for the Christmas season for the case study product! In total, I have sold 1542 units resulting in $32,797 gross sales.  With a nice 31% margin this resulted in a total profit of $10,222, in just 2 months!

The peak for this product was on the 12th of December. On which I should 58 units, which resulted in a $494 profit for that day!

Not bad!

This is mostly because people just go shopping like crazy during the Christmas season. Especially if you product is priced between $15 – $50, which is like a nice gift price range. You can see this when I take a loot at my conversions on all my total sales in December. It pretty much doubled from 17% end of November to 35% in December!


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  1. amazing…i assume you sell in US? i am canadian, debating whether i should sell in US, worried about the customs fees and such.

    1. Yeah I sell in the US. When you import you will always have to pay customs fee. Doesn’t matter if you live in the US or not.

  2. I was wondering what are the steps and requirements (e.g., Taxes, etc) do I need to before entering the US market. I am nervous about what to do. Please help me out with this.

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