NEW Jungle Scout Bulk Review Request Function

I have posted earlier that Amazon has added a new function: Request a Review button!

This button appeared on the order page. While it was still unsure what it did in the beginning we now know that it will send out the e-mail below:

This is great as it will send this e-mail on behalve of Amazon! Which means people are way more likely to open & interact with it, compared to an e-mail from someone they don’t know!

So if you are just like me, you have been clicking this button many times haha! When it first came out I spend many hours click this button on all my previous orders!

I noticed a huge increase in my reviews!

Luckily I don’t have to do this manual anymore since Jungle Scout has automated this function!

So instead of having to press this button for every order I now just click it once every month!

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  1. Hey man how’s it going 🙂 I recently sent you an email but haven’t gotten a response. I’m on the fence of purchasing your ebook and wanted the 12 page sample. When I put in my email to get it I get a download error. Do you think you can send me it please. Thank you and have an awesome day!

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