How to Optimise Your Amazon Product Photo’s

There are a couple ways you can outperform your competitors: better reviews, more sales etc. But IMO the most important thing you can do to increase the conversion of your listing is to have AMAZING photo’s! That is right, we are going to talk about how we are going to get the best image’s possible for our Amazon listing.

Amazon FBA Photo Requirements

First we must understand the rules regarding Amazon picture’s:

  • Size: 1000 pixels minimum.
  • Image frame: product should fill at least 85% of the frame ( main image only ).
  • Background:  Pure white ( main image only ).
  • Format: JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF.

All pretty basic. Just one thing that I would like to point out is the white background. Because there are a lot of seller who don’t not follow this rule. For example you are not allowed to add any text to the main image like the one below:

If you see one of your competitors who have text in their main image, you can report them and Amazon will remove their main image & give them a warning.

Type of photo’s

Amazon will show 7 photo’s on your listing ( and 2 more when people click to enlarge a picture ). It is extremely important that you utilise these 7 pictures to sell your product in the best possible way. I believe your photo’s can great help you preset your product in a couple of ways:

White background

This will be the main image ( as per Amazon’s requirements ), so it will be the first thing customers see. Not only that, but your main image will also determine if a customer will click on your product in the search results or not. I like to use a couple of white background image to show the product from different angles.



Lifestyle photo’s are great to showcase how your product can be used. Bonus points if you can add a model to your lifestyle pictures.


Infographics are great to highlight the unique selling points of your product. If you have a complicated product, an infographic can also be used to show how the product should be used.

Photo’s I use:

Now that we know what type of images we can use to showcase our product I will show you what type of image’s I use for my listing:

  • Photo 1: White background, front angle ( main image ).
  • Photo 2: White background, side angle.
  • Photo 3: White background, back angle.
  • Photo 4: Lifestyle image.
  • Photo 5: Lifestyle image.
  • Photo 6: Infographic, showcasing the Unique Selling Points of the product.
  • Photo 7: Lifestyle image, showcasing how the product can be used.

Total cost for all 7 images is usually around $400.

Profesional Amazon Photography Service

I am a strong believer that an entrepreneur should focus on his core strengths and outsource everything else. There a plenty of places where you can find freelance photographers. But here is this is the one I use. He will do the following for me:

  • 10 photo’s in total:
    • 6 White background images ( give me the option to pick the best ones )
    • 2 Lifestyle images
    • 2 Infographics images
  • High resolution: 2500 x 2500 pixel jpeg.
  • Photo editing: remove dust, scratches, and minor defects.
  • Photo preparation: cleaning smudges, and minor assembly.

For me this is the all-in package. As soon as I receive the pictures I can directly upload them to my Amazon listing.

Click here to check out this photography service

When I was first looking for an Amazon photographer I tried out Which seemed like a good decision as it was pretty cheap and the photographers had good reviews. I tried out 2 different photographers on Fiverr but both delivered sub-par quality. Overall not that happy with the quality on Fiverr.


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  1. Very helpful article.
    Can you elaborate on logo and package design? Do you have any recommendation for these too?


    1. No, I usually just send my photographer a units from my FBA stock. I’m based in Europe so shipping from Europe to US photographer would be a hassle.

      1. So when do you send him a unit? You want him to take these photos before the stock arrives at amazon, no? Because when it arrives there yoy should launch the product right away..

        1. Yeah that the ideal situation. Sometimes when I want to speed up the launch process I ship a couple of cartons with Air Express. I would then use those units for the giveaways + photographer. But sometimes I would also just wait till the product is in FBA stock and then ship 1 unit to the photographer. But this indeed delays the process a bit.

  2. Hi Admin,
    The link no longer directs to a specific photographer (listing does not exist). Can you tell how to get to him?


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