How To Get More Products Reviews on Amazon

Follow-up emails

For me, this is the biggest reason I get reviews on my products. If you have ever bought anything on Amazon, you are probably familiar with the follow-up emails. It is so essential that almost every seller uses a follow-up email. It is a great way to get in touch with your customers, show them that you care about them and that you want them to enjoy the product. Hopefully, this will also lead to them leaving a product review.

amazon follow up email

The trick is to make the e-mail as personal as possible. You want to make the customer believe you personally send an email after each order. Here you can find 3 great follow-up templates that will help you get started.

I personally use Jump Send for this service. But you have loads of services for this, I think Feedbackgenius is a great alternative as well.

Click Here to try out Jump Send

Product inserts

I like to think of product inserts as the offline version of the follow-up email. On this card you can thank them for their purchase & give them your contact details. Of course, you also want to ask them one more time to leave a product review

Make them personal!

Recently a Reddit user posted a great case study where he tested the review rate of a normal product launch vs review rate of launch with handwritten product inserts! Yes, he actually had his employees write handwritten cards and insert them with every order.

Normal review rate: 3.87%
Review rate with handwritten cards: 10.71%

So yeah, handwritten product inserts definitely work! If you are able to do so I would highly recommend this!

Great customer service

This is a great method to turn a potentially bad review into a positive review. I have had many occasions where a customer emails me that they received a broken product, or perhaps a piece is missing from a product. And that they were about to leave a negative review complaining about this. As a seller this is a great opportunity to show that you care about your customers! I would then straight away email them, telling them I have already sent them a brand new products free of charge!

how to increase product reviews on amazon

Methods to avoid

1). DON’T ask your friends or family to leave a review!

This is very tempting to do when you are just starting out and don’t have any reviews yet. However, we are dealing with Amazon here. One of the biggest tech companies in the world. They are extremely good at finding out which accounts are linked to each other. For example, if your friend / family has every logged in from your pc / IP address, has used your credit card, shipped to your address, etc, then Amazon will flag the review and remove it. And potentially ban your seller account, as this is a prohibited method to get reviews.

2). DON’T offer money or a free product in exchange for a review!

This used to be the main method to increase your reviews on Amazon! You would offer people the product for free, in exchange they would leave a review. Obviously people are more inclined to leave a positive review if you give them stuff for free. So Amazon has banned this method. They are very strict on this, so if you don’t want to get your account banned, stay away from this method!

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  1. Hello,

    1) I signed up for Amazon Early Review program and I wanted to know which sites does Amazon promote your products? where do I see my products sold in discount?

    2) can I relaunch my product due to a devastating review that came from Amazon early review program? I have around 700 units left. My sales have dropped due to that devastating review and I left a public reply but no response from that customer

  2. I have been hijacked and its a prime reseller. I have a reseller purchasing my products from me and reselling them under my listing. I am signed to Amazon early review program. I am suspecting someone is targetting me and purchasing my product at a discount from launch services and leaving a negative review and then selling under my listing. I have lost my buy box to this amazon prime seller because he was selling at a lower price. So, I purchased one of his product because he had only one in stock but i have to wait for 1+week even fast shipping. I’m assuming he buys from discount services ships back to his house and then ships to Amazon? I signed up for Amazon Early review program and I received a negative review from Amazon early review program which destroyed my sales. I looked at the negative review account name and its a similar to a previous customer of mines. I am suspecting fishy. I made a mistake signing for amazon early review program. If he is selling my product and buying from discount services, how can I show or highlight the differences if the product is the same since he is a reseller? I can understand if it was a Chinese counterfeit seller but its a reseller, or how can you show the differences in your images or what to show in your images? will the UPC code be the same compared to my product? I’m currently dealing with this issue so any advice I would highly appreciate it. When is it that you get a trademark? Do you have to get a trademark for every product?

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