How to Find Long Tail Keywords with Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

long tail keywords

Promoting your product for their main keyword isn’t always the best idea. Especially when you are launching your product and don’t have a lot of sales yet you might want to focus on Long Tail Keywords.

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

Long Tail Keywords are sub keywords that are related to your main keyword. So for example, if you main keyword is: “Electric car”. A long tail keyword for this could be: “Long range electric car” or “5 seater electric car”. Long tail keywords are commonly used in online marketing since they are easier to rank for then “Electric car”, since the long tail keyword has much less competition. While focusing on a much more targeted audience!

Long Tail Keywords for Amazon

Now let’s take this concept of Long tail keywords to our Amazon business. For this example, we will use our: “Shears” as our main keyword!

The method I use to finding long tail keywords is by simply adding my main keyword into the Jungle Scout Keyword Scout:

Amazon Long Tail Keywords Jungle Scout

The tool will output a huge list of related keywords. However, before we take a look at those we want to set some filters. As we don’t want to randomly pick our long tail keywords. No, we want to look for keyword that have very little competition, but a lot of demand for them!

So in the filter section I will set the following filter:

  • Exact match (30 days): Minimum of 1000 searches.
  • Organic Product count: Maximum 10,000 results.

Jungle Scout Keyword Tool Filters

This pretty much means I only want to view keywords that have enough demand ( a minimum of 1000 searches each month ). And not too much competition: a max of 10,000 product results per keywords.

Now let’s take a look at the list of long tail keywords from Jungle Scout Keyword Scout!

Amazon FBA long tail keywords

Here I have selected a couple of great long tail keywords. They are all related to: “Hair Thinning scissors”. So instead of trying to directly rank for our main search term: “Scissors”. We can instead start to focus on our long tail keyword: “Hair Thinning Scissors for men”. Which will be way easier to rank for. Then once we start to rank for our long tail keywords and got some momentum, we can focus on ranking for our main keyword: “Scissors”.

For me, this methods works best. I would advice everyone to give it a try and figure out what works best for them.



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  1. Hey man, I love your site and have learned a lot from it. I had a question – if you could shed any light for me, I would be extremely grateful.

    So, on the AMZ Scout app and the Jungle Scout app, it seems to show lower Amazon referral fees for a given product than the actual fee that Amazon charges. Have you ever noticed this? For example, product A is an electronics accessory and AMZ Scout lists an 8% referral fee in their “fee breakdown”. However, if I go to Amazons own fee calculator and input the ASIN of the exact same product – the referral fee shows 15%. This is super confusing for me and I just wonder if I am missing something.

    1. I am guessing this is a mistake from the app. Always assume Amazon’s own tool is correct and you can look up the fee’s manually as well. Most are 15% like you said.

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