3 Best Amazon FBA Keyword Tools

Finding the right keywords for your product is essential in order for customers to find your product! In this post I will rank the best keyword tools for Amazon!

Helium 10$74 per month9/10
Viral Launch$99 per month5/10
Keyword Inspector$39 per month7/10

1). Helium 10

Helium 10 has a couple of features that can help you with doing Keyword Research:


Magnet is a huge database with keywords. You simply input your seed keywords (in the example below: “Yoga Mat”) and Magnet will output loads of related keywords.

It will show the estimated search volume, how many ASINs are using PPC on this keyword, and how many competing products there are per keyword. This will give you a nice overview for Demand / Competition. Helium 10 uses their own Magnet IQ score for this. A high Magnet IQ score means lots of demand (people searching the keyword) but low competition.

Cerebro – Reverse ASIN

With the Cerebro tool you can input your competitors ASIN and the tool will reveal which keywords this ASIN is using. Why should you do all the work work when your competitors has already done this and you can just spy on them?


Both tools cost $37 per month. So if you want to use both that would come down to $74 per month.


IMO Helium 10 offers the best Keyword Research Tools. Both keywords tools I tried from Helium 10 showed me related keywords that I did not think of myself.

Rating: 9/10


2). Viral Launch

The Viral Launch Keyword Tool is very similar to the Helium 10 keyword tool. Essentially it is a huge database full of keywords. You input your seed keyword and Viral Launch will try to match your seed keywords with related keywords in their database:



In order to use the Viral Launch Keyword module you need to have the Pro Seller subscription which cost $99 per month. This subscription comes with loads of other tools. However, if you are looking just to get a keyword research tool, it is quite pricey.


On paper it should do the same as Helium 10. However, from my own experience I noticed the tools  showed a lot non-related keywords. Which I could no use as keywords. I did not find a whole lot of new keywords with the Viral Launch keyword tools. Other than that it is also priced a lot higher than Helium 10.

Rating: 5/10


3). Keyword Inspector

Although their website looks like absolute shit, their tool is actually pretty decent! Personally I find their website really hard to navigate. But this does not takeaway from the quality of their tool.

Amazon Choice Reverse Search

Amazon will give some products an Amazon’z Choice badge on their listing. Products can be Amazon’s choice for multiple keywords. This is a great way to find out what keywords people are using to find their product. With the Amazon Choice Reverse Search tool you can enter an ASIN and Keyword Inspector will output all the keywords that this ASIN has the Amazon’s Choice badge for.

Reverse ASIN

Just like most other Amazon Keyword Tools, Keyword Inspector offers a Reverse ASIN tool. This spy tool will let you discover the keywords your competitors are using.

Trending Keyword Tool

A nice little feature they added. You can now see the trends for the keywords you entered. Very useful if you are dealing with seasonal products.


$29,95 per month.


Hard to use website, great tool & cheap. I’d say this is great for beginners or sellers on a tight budget!

Rating: 7/10

Bonus: Pro Keyword Research Tip

Take a look at your reviews! Customers will give you a lot of details how they use & name the product in their reviews. This is a great method to find new keywords!

If you don’t have any reviews yet you can take a look at the reviews of competitors.

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