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In the past, we used the Best Seller Rank to check if a product was in demand or not. Since some categories have more products than others, we would then have to check the BSR in an Amazon Sales Rank Chart.


As you can imagine, this method can only give you a very, very rough idea if the product is in demand or not. Luckily, we have much more advanced tools out on the market right now, that are much more accurate at estimating product demand, FBA tools like: Jungle Scout & Helium 10.

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Amazon Sales Rank Explained

Every Amazon product is given a Best Sales Rank (BSR). This Sales Rank can be found under Product information on the Amazon listing:

Amazon Best Seller Rank

The ranking goes from low-high. #1 being the best selling product in that category. This product has a Best Seller Rank of #143,744 in Office Products. Which means there are 143,743 products that have more sales in this category. When we use this Best Seller Rank with our Amazon Sales Rank chart we can see that this product is ranked the top 1% (65,784 BSR) & top 5% (197,351 BSR).

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  1. Any way to get this info from the Handmade category? Sellers can see their individual product rankings, but it’s not published on the site. I have no idea how many items are actually there.

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