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Customer reviews are undoubtedly a very important aspect of e-commerce businesses. They help both the sellers and the buyers. Reviews help sellers as they state if their products are good or not. Also, they are a great chance for attracting new and more customers, thus increasing sales. plus, they ensure the online visibility of businesses in search rankings. On the other hand, they tell customers what they would buy if they choose that product. Is the product as described? Is it worth buying?

But how to get honest customer reviews for your Amazon store?

Since Amazon no longer allows giving a discounted or free product to users in return for an honest review, the best way to legally do it is by using Amazon review trader sites.

What Are Amazon Review Trader Sites?

Amazon review trader sites are websites where sellers can post their products at a lower price or give away for free in exchange for an honest review. So, they kind of replace the way Amazon used to work before 2016 when it changed the rules and prohibited that type of generating customer reviews.

Although this is prohibited on Amazon, doing the product-for-a-review tactic on these review trader sites is legal. Amazon doesn’t penalize that since it’s off its marketplace. However, in order to be legal, customers shouldn’t be forced in any way to leave a review.

Yes, some customers may not leave a review and still buy a product for a low price or for free. But, you, as the sellers, will still get more reviews than you can get on Amazon. So, it’s worth trying it out.

How Do Amazon Review Trader Sites Work?

Every site works a bit differently, but they all work by sellers posting products for free or at a discounted price and customers buying products and leaving reviews. First, you, the sellers, have to create an account and apply to be able to list your product(s) on the site. When your account is approved, you’ll receiver requests from people interested in buying your product. Some sites automatically approve these requests and others allow the seller to manually accept or decline them.

Top 10 Amazon Review Trader Sites

1. Jump Send

At #1 we find Jump Send which is known as a great Amazon review trader site. It offers a lot of products in 18 categories, so buyers can find what they need. As of recently, they are part of the well-known Amazon product research tool, Jungle Scout.

Based on the plan chosen, sellers can offer up to 100 products at a discount and buyers can choose an unlimited number of deals. So, it’s a win-win situation!

Although there aren’t free products, there are many products ordered at a 90% discount, which is amazing. Hence, buyers can save a lot of money by using the deals and leaving a review.

What makes Jump Send so great for sellers is that it allows them to approve or deny any request buyers send for buying a product. However, the downside is that you, as the seller, won’t be able to see their Amazon profile so that you can determine if they will leave you a positive review or not. The good thing is that you can ask the buyer for access to their profile.


2. Snagshout

Right after Vipon, we find yet another old and very popular Amazon review trader site. Snagshout has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. It works by giving discount codes to shoppers, so they can buy the product at a lower price.

Customers can buy only one product the first time and when they leave a review on it, they can buy 2 products at once. When they leave reviews for both of them, they can buy 3 products at once, which is the max. Due to this type of operating, the chance of buyers leaving reviews is immense, which is great for sellers.

While the number of products buyers can grab is lower compared to other review sites, buyers don’t need approval from the seller to buy the products since they get a code.

3. VIP Power Club

VIP Power Club is one of the most reliable review sites and quite popular among buyers and sellers. The products come with great discounts which usually range from 20% to 99%.

This site offers a very simple trading process. Unlike most sites, this one works by sending coupon codes to buyers to their email which they can immediately use to purchase that product. Hence, there’s no need for buyers to get approval to buy the products.

4. Cashbackbase

Cashbackbase is an Amazon review trader site that works like a cashback program (we’ll explain that a bit later). What’s great about it is that most of the products listed on their site are 100% discounted. Hence, customers can buy stuff for free.

To use this site, sellers have to register as such and upload their campaigns for review. Buyers also have to register to use the site. Then, they can look for products, choose the one they like, and request it from the sellers. Once the seller confirms, the buyer will have the product link they can use to find the product on Amazon and buy it from there. However, they first need to insert fill in the details for their Amazon profile and PayPal account. After they buy the product, they need to upload the Amazon order info and the seller will return the entire sum to their PayPal account.


Also known as Amazon Review Club, this site offers amazing products at great discounts. What makes this site a great choice for sellers is that it not only helps them get reviews on their Amazon store but also on social media. Although social media reviews don’t have a direct effect on your Amazon rankings, they greatly help promote your products and store, which will drive more traffic to your product page.

Another benefit is that this site has a very affordable membership fee of $19.99/month, with which you, as the seller, can run unlimited campaigns, get Amazon and social media reviews, find reviewers in no time, and get social media exposure.

Customers can find a wide range of products on the site. Although there aren’t many free products, there are many at a great discount. Plus, they don’t have to constantly check for offers since the site sends them to their email.

6. Deal Go! Go! Go!

Here’s one new Amazon review trader site which has gained the trust of sellers and buyers fast. What helped it become so popular is that it allows customers to apply for around 10 products at once. And, they are automatically approved!

Customers can find products from many different categories, with baby accessories, home accessories, electronics, and fashion being the most popular. Although there are no free products, you can find products at discounts ranging from 30% to 90%.

Also, there is a browser extension that customers can quickly install on their browser. This extension searches all coupons available and automatically applies the best code to their cart. And, buyers don’t have to worry about the codes since they are all verified to work.

7. iReviewHome

iReviewHome is a great site for sellers who want to get quality reviews. It has a unique feature that allows them to set a time limit for every offer and the number of reviews applying for each product. And, limited offers create a sense of urgency to customers so they buy the product within a few minutes. This, in turn, leads to a lot of reviews piling up quickly, which is awesome for sellers.

8. Elite Deal Club

Although not as popular as the other Amazon review trader sites on this list, Elite Deal Club certainly has what to offer. Customers can find a wide variety of products and choose the ones they need. As the company state on their website, there are 100-200 amazing offers each day, so customers will most probably find the ones they need. Plus, they come at prices discounted from 50% to 99% and some are free.

9. Extremerebate

Extremerebate is a site where Amazon sellers can offer deals to get reviews. It’s available in several marketplaces, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, and Germany.

On the site, the sellers offer their products at a discounted price and, in return, they ask buyers to give an honest review. The products go with discounts of up to 100% and many have a cashback option.

The buyers have to register on the site and choose any product they want. Then, they buy it on Amazon, leave a review, and get their cash back afterward.

Apart from listing products on sale, sellers can also buy reviews for their Amazon product listings privately. So, it’s a great chance to get reviews by either giving discounted products or buying reviews.

10. Vipon

Previously known as AMZ Review Trader, this is one of the oldest and best Amazon review trader sites. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. Finding the products you need is very simple since you can choose by category and then filter by price, discount percentage, fulfillment type, deals status, and sort by.

It offers a lot of products with discounts of 80% and more. Users can claim around 20 products at once. However, their purchase request must be approved for each product. And, while this is a drawback for buyers, it’s an excellent chance for sellers to choose the right buyer/reviewer for their products.

Due to being the oldest and most popular Amazon review trader site, Vipon had a lot of traffic, a lot of buyers, which means a lot of chances for getting customer reviews.

Other Amazon Review Trader Sites

11. Giveaway Service
12. FBA Reviews
13. Rank Booster
14. Reviewer Club
15. Product Pilots
16. TestZon
17. Better Discounts
18. AMZOne Reviews
19. Review Directory
20. Amazing Deals Group
21. Amazon Prime Review Club
22. Deals for Reviews
23. Jungle Launch
24. Rebaid
25. HomeProduct Testing
26. Dollar Deal Reviews
27. Best One Review
28. Product Review Club
29. Reviews 4 Success
30. KabelDirect Product Tester
31. Social Nature
32. Trust Review Network
33. UberZon Club
34. Brand Awareness Club
35. Tomoson
36. VivaRate
37. Testberichte
38. Fullyrebate
40. Review Loop

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