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Let’s dive into the Amazon Product listing! I will explain how important your product listing is when selling on Amazon, how you can optimize your listing and also some tools & service that can help you with this!

Amazon A10 Algorithm

Just like Google, Amazon is a search engine that is based on an algorithm. Amazon’s ranking algorithm is called A10 (previous A9). A10 will rank listing on loads of different factors, such as:

  • Sales velocity
  • Reviews
  • Price

But also internal factors about the listing, like:

  • Title
  • Key Product Features (Bullet points)
  • Description

For example, if a customer uses the search term: “Garlic Press”. And you have “Garlic Press” in your Title, Bullet points & Description, A9 will rank you higher than a listing that only has  “Garlic Press” in their description. For this reason, it is very important that we optimize our entire listing to make sure customers will actually find us in the search results.

Amazon FBA Product Title Optimization

In your listing title, you can use 250 characters / 50 words. Make sure you use all of this!

  • Make it readable for humans: Don’t just stuff your title with keywords. Remember that humans actually read your title. Try to find the right mix where you can add your main keywords, while still keeping it readable.
  • Highlight your Unique Selling Points: If you are selling a Garlic Press and you are the only one who offers a cleaning brush. Make sure to highlight this in your title!

amazon product listing title optimise

This is a great example of what you want in a product title. It highlights the Unique Selling points about it being eco & environmentally safe. While having loads of keywords in it like Bamboo, Wooden, Sticks, Skewers.

Amazon FBA Key Product Features (Bullet points) Optimization

Amazon gives you the option to add 5 bullet points in your listing to highlight your key product features. Just like with the title, it is important that you use all 5 of them!

  • Use the first bullet for your most important feature: Most customers will quickly skim over your listing, only reading your first bullet point. Make sure to grab their attention by putting your most important features as your first bullet point.
  • Think like your customers: Approach this from a customers perspective. If you are looking to buy a garlic press; what would you like to know about it? How big
  • Answer possible customer questions: If you know that people are afraid that their garlic press might rust soon, make sure to highlight in your bullet points that your garlic press is made from stainless steel and won’t rust!

Amazon Listing Optimization Service

I have been doing this for quite a lot of years so I prefer to do this myself. But I know a lot of new sellers who rather outsource this to a professional to make sure it gets done right. After all, this is one of the most important aspects when it comes down to ranking. There are a couple of Amazon listing management services & consultants you can find:

  • Jungle Market: Here you will find loads of consultants who can fully manage your Amazon listing. They will cover your Title, Bullet points, Description & Keywords. Prices range from $50 – $150.
  • Viral Launch: Also offers Amazon Listing Optimization Service. Their prices start at $150.

Amazon Listing Optimization Tools

There are a couple of listing analyzer tools out there that will give your listing a quality score based on their algorithm.

These FBA listing quality checkers all work with their own algorithm. I will take their score with a grain of salt and just focus on my own judgment.


(Split) Test it!

Listing optimization is an ongoing process that you always want to improve! You always want to keep testing different titles, descriptions, images, etc. I like to A/B test my listings to get the most accurate data. A/B testing means you will run 2 versions of your listing at the same time. 50% of your visitors will see version A of your listing and 50% will see version B of your listing. After a while, you can exactly determine which version of your listing works better! The service I use for this is Splitly, but Viral Launch also has a split test function

a/b split test splitly


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