3 Automated Email Follow Up Templates

Time to talk about something important: Follow up emails. It is super powerful that we as FBA sellers, have the power to send our customers an email right after an Amazon sale. This is a great way to get feedback from our customers and give them a direct way to communicate with us. However, it is up to your what kind of email you will send them, and how many of those emails will convert to actual reviews. Below I will share how I setup my own follow up email sequence and 3 free email templates you can use.

Follow up email software services

There are a couple of automated email service providers that you can use. I don’t think it really matters which one you use. I personally use Jumpsend, as they offer extra features that some of the other software out there doesn’t have.

Email Template 1: Personal touch

This is my favourite: With this email I like to keep it short, as I think most people only skim over these emails and don’t fully read em. I also like to note that I am not some major corporation but just a 1 man operation, and their review would have a huge impact on me:

Power of the button!

As you can see the button will directly catch your eye. I am a strong believer that people are much more likely to click on a button instead of a text link. If you just look around on website’s ( Amazon is a great example ) you will see that buttons are often used to grab a website visitors attention. So yeah definitely make sure to add a button to your follow-up email! With Jumpsend you can easily add a button with the following tag:

{{ Product Review Link Button }}

Copy & paste:

Hi {{ Buyer First Name }},

I am <MY NAME> and I just started selling my product on Amazon. And I want to thank you personally for purchasing my product! I am just running an one-man operation and every purchase means a lot to me!

I am very curious how you like the <PRODUCT>? Do you like the <Material>? Do you think it is too big? Do you think this is a great gift to give to friends? I want to hear all about it!

If you could please let me know your opinion with a product review that would mean a lot to me!

{{ Product Review Link Button }}

Thank you!,


Email Template 2: Funny

Power of the stars

Just like the button the star image is a great way to grab the users attention. Not only that but it will already start the though process of the user about how many stars it will give your product. Making them much more likely to click on the stars and leave the review. With Jumpsend you can add this image with the following tag:

{{ Product Review Link Stars }}

Copy & Paste template:

One minute of your time can have a HUGE effect on us. What am I talking about? Leaving a {{ Product Review Link:product review }}.

I assure you, we don’t take reviews lightly.

Don’t believe me?

Each time after someone like you {{ Product Review Link:leaves a product review }} a little buzzer goes off in our office. Our entire team can hear it, and when it goes off everyone smiles.

If you do leave a review – I know exactly what will happen.

{{ Product Review Link Stars }}

Our manager sitting in his corner office will start a golf clap and our warehouse guy will do a pushup(I don’t know why, but for some reason he does a pushup each time the buzzer goes off).

Steve, our head of marketing, will run outside and give the first old lady he can find a giant hug, and, if she’s lucky he’ll probably try and kiss her.

I’m also 99% sure Maryna, our marketing director will take a shot of tequila. I have no idea why she’s drinking at work, but hey, the kid gets so freaking excited over product reviews.

Wait, shoot… I’m getting off topic.

Look, I didn’t write this to tell you about our team’s awful impulse control, but to thank you in advance for leaving a product review. If you can’t tell, we live and die for these things so just can’t express it enough.

With Love and Humor,


{{ Product Review Link Button }}


Email template 3: Formal

amazon automation email template

Copy & paste:

Hi {{ Buyer First Name }},

It looks like you received your <PRODUCT> recently, and I just wanted to follow up with you to make sure that everything with your order is as you expected!

Would you mind sharing your experience with others please {{ Product Review Link:review this product }}, we would really appreciate it!

{{ Product Review Link Button }}

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so if there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please reply to this email and let us know. Or if you had a great experience, please {{ Seller Feedback Link:leave Seller Feedback }}, we highly value your feedback.



I hope I gave you enough inspiration to setup your own follow up email. If you would like to share your unique email you can leave it in the comments below.

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  1. This is awesome. I really want to learn how to make business on Amazon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Can you use these tags if you are writing the emails yourself, or you must use Jump Send to use the tags properly?

    (Referring to the Leave a Review button tag, etc)

  3. I wonder why messages from Jungle Scout/ Jump Send is not syncing on the Amazon seller central messaging? Also, I’m only seeing the {{ Buyer First Name }} as Customer. Is that normal? I would appreciate your response! Thanks.

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