Step by Step Guide on How to Manufacture Private Label Products in China

If this is the first time you manufacture a product in China, this process might seem very scary. And you have all the right to be! You are pretty much…

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2019 FBA Case Study: Part 4 – First Payment & Production Start!

In part 3 of the 2019 Case Study, I showed you how I selected the 3 best suppliers. And how I managed to negotiate the price down to $4,70 –…

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2019 FBA Case Study: Part 3 – Negotiating with Suppliers & Samples!

What is up guys! In part 2 of the FBA Case study I showed you how I found 20 high quality suppliers on Alibaba with the new Jungle Scout feature….

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2019 FBA Case Study: Part 2 – Finding Suppliers

In part 1 we found a great product for us to sell on To quickly summarize, here are the stats for the product: Estimated purchase cost: $5 Estimate shipping…

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Freightos vs Flexport

I’m Switching Forwarders! Freightos vs Flexport

For years I have used Flexport. And I have to give them a lot of praise. They have great customer service, an awesome interface (I mean just look at the…

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Is Alibaba Safe To Buy From?

Ordering from Alibaba for the first time can be quite scary. You are pretty much handing over a large sum of money to someone who you have never met. So…

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How to avoid split shipments with Amazon FBA?

This was one of my biggest problems with my first couple of shipments to Amazon. My production was almost done in China and I would start creating the FBA shipment…

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FBA Product Packaging Design Best Practices

Another great aspect that you can use to outperform your competitors is having great packaging!  Points we will discuss in this post about FBA Product packaging: FBA Packaging Requirements Types…

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[FAIL] How 1 production mistake killed my profitable product!

Time for another story! I use to have this product that was doing very well! Like all my new products it started with the following steps: Contact Alibaba suppliers. Request…

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Amazon Barcodes: UPC vs ASIN vs FNSKU vs SKU Labels?

This part is something I was really struggling with when I had to design my first product packaging: How do I get Amazon barcodes? There are so many terms and…

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