5 Tips to prepare for Black Friday: Amazon Q4 Christmas Season

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! Especially for us Amazon sellers! Q4, Christmas season baby! 1 more month until Black Friday & Cyber Monday, the start of…

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How to Setup Shopify Store for your FBA Business

Diversification is something every seller should aim for. Amazon is very lucrative, but for risk management you don’t want to rely 100% on Amazon as your only sales channel. Ideally…

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FBA Case Study Update Q4

[Case Study: Part 5] $15k In Sales! Next Steps?

It has been more than 1 month since we finished the How to Launch PL Products on Amazon. When I finished the case study the product had 9 reviews, was ranking…

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3 Automated Email Follow Up Templates

Time to talk about something important: Follow up emails. It is super powerful that we as FBA sellers, have the power to send our customers an email right after an…

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My Ultimate Amazon PPC Strategy Tutorial

So a lot people have been asking me about my PPC Strategy, so here it is guys; The Ultimate Super Duper Awesome Guide on: Amazon PPC. In this guide I…

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[Case Study: Part 4] We reached page #1!

Ok time for the final update of the How to Launch Products on Amazon Case Study. This week I will share all the final results with you guys. Here is…

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[Case Study: Part 3] First Results & Time for PPC!

It has been almost a month since we started this case study and it is time for Part 3! Just as a quick recap you can check out part 1 & part…

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[Case Study: Part 2] FBA Product Launch: Giveaway Results & Early Reviewer Program

Ok time for part 2 of the Product Launch Case Study! In our first part, I showed you the product we will use, lowered the price to undercut our competitors…

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[Case Study: Part 1] How to Launch Private Label Products on Amazon

Update: I am doing a new 2019 Case study right now. Follow along here. I see a lot of people are still struggling with launching products in 2018 and getting…

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