increase reviews on amazon

NEW Jungle Scout Bulk Review Request Function

I have posted earlier that Amazon has added a new function: Request a Review button! This button appeared on the order page. While it was still unsure what it did…

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How to Optimise Your Amazon Product Photo’s

There are a couple ways you can outperform your competitors: better reviews, more sales etc. But IMO the most important thing you can do to increase the conversion of your…

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FBA Case Study Update Q4

[Case Study: Part 5] $15k In Sales! Next Steps?

It has been more than 1 month since we finished the How to Launch PL Products on Amazon. When I finished the case study the product had 9 reviews, was ranking…

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[Case Study: Part 4] We reached page #1!

Ok time for the final update of the How to Launch Products on Amazon Case Study. This week I will share all the final results with you guys. Here is…

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[Case Study: Part 3] First Results & Time for PPC!

It has been almost a month since we started this case study and it is time for Part 3! Just as a quick recap you can check out part 1 & part…

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[Case Study: Part 2] FBA Product Launch: Giveaway Results & Early Reviewer Program

Ok time for part 2 of the Product Launch Case Study! In our first part, I showed you the product we will use, lowered the price to undercut our competitors…

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[Case Study: Part 1] How to Launch Private Label Products on Amazon

Update: I am doing a new 2019 Case study right now. Follow along here. I see a lot of people are still struggling with launching products in 2018 and getting…

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