amazon sales rank chart

📊 Amazon Sales Rank Chart

In the past, we used the Best Seller Rank to check if a product was in demand or not. Since some categories have more products than others, we would then…

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Amazon Review Trader Sites

Customer reviews are undoubtedly a very important aspect of e-commerce businesses. They help both the sellers and the buyers. Reviews help sellers as they state if their products are good…

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New PPC Feature: Sellics Benchmark report

Selling on Amazon can be hard work but also very profitable if you know how to do it. PPC is one of the most common and effective marketing methods to…

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long tail keywords

How to Find Long Tail Keywords with Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Promoting your product for their main keyword isn’t always the best idea. Especially when you are launching your product and don’t have a lot of sales yet you might want…

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Your PPC Campaigns Are Reaching Budget!

Your PPC Campaigns Are Reaching Budget!

If you are using Amazon PPC there is a good chance you have received this e-mail from Amazon: Your PPC Campaigns Are Reaching Budget So apparently my PPC campaign has…

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increase reviews on amazon

NEW Jungle Scout Bulk Review Request Function

I have posted earlier that Amazon has added a new function: Request a Review button! This button appeared on the order page. While it was still unsure what it did…

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amazon keyword research tools

3 Best Amazon FBA Keyword Tools

Finding the right keywords for your product is essential in order for customers to find your product! In this post I will rank the best keyword tools for Amazon! Pricing…

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Amazon Feedback Removal

How To Get More Products Reviews on Amazon in 2019!

Follow-up emails For me, this is the biggest reason I get reviews on my products. If you have ever bought anything on Amazon, you are probably familiar with the follow-up…

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FBA Case Study Update Q4

[Case Study Part 7] I’m Running Out of Stock on Amazon!

Ok guys, time to be honest; I messed up. My Q4 results for the case study product were amazing but I did not pay enough attention to my stock! Right…

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Amazon Listing Optimization Guide

Let’s dive into the Amazon Product listing! I will explain how important your product listing is when selling on Amazon, how you can optimize your listing and also some tools…

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