Starting Amazon FBA as a high school student !

QuestionsStarting Amazon FBA as a high school student !
Vishal asked 7 months ago

Hi bro, you seem to be a very honest, nice and helpful guy. My question to you is, that, I’m a High school student and can afford only up to 300 dollars to start this business. I have all basic knowledge about Amazon FBA. But I’m very scared to start as I’m not sure about, whether, my product will sell or not, coz Amazon is VERY saturated now in 2019. I need your valuable advice on how to start Amazon FBA in 2019. Thanks !

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1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 7 months ago

I wouldn’t bother starting a business as a highschool student with only $300. Save up, focus on school but continue learning and researching. And when you are a bit older and saved up at least $1000, think about starting up a business. 

And when I started in 2014 people were already saying FBA is saturated. Yet I am still here, releasing new products 4 years later.

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