Should i buy an Amazon course?

QuestionsShould i buy an Amazon course?
Seby L. asked 5 months ago

I have seen ads from kevin david, a multi-millionaire who sells an Amazon course for 3000 smth $. My question is, should I buy the Amazon course, or can I learn everything I have to do from you, because I read a few articles and I got to say, you really know how to explain this business model. 
I will start my fba business in about 4 years, because right now I don’t have the money and I have a lot of things to buy, it is complicated, and here comes my second question, I suppose it will be a bit harder since there will be a lot more fba sellers, just how much harder do you think it will be. 
Thank you for reading all of this and I hope you can help me. 

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