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Sam asked 8 months ago

Hi All,
New to the blog here. Love the content—super helpful!
I’m new to PL and I have three questions:
1) Shipping costs are killing me, can I do any better? Right now I have a full time job and I don’t have a sweet deal with a freight forwarder (FF). So I ask manufacturers to provide shipping quote DDP with their FF but the costs are huge. I don’t want to do big orders on first shipment because I want to test product before I go all in and order thousands of units, so I don’t qualify for sea shipping. Am I stuck here or is there a better way to bring shipping costs down?
2) Do I need a UPC for my PL product? I have read you can do brand registry with Amazon or apply for GTIN exemption also. However I realize you need a registered trademark to get brand registry. So how should I proceed here? Would you get UPC from GS1 only or would you shop elsewhere for discounts and if so, where?
3) The product I’m interested in has variations, is it better that I steer clear of products that have variations or is it okay? Also, will I need separate UPC’s for each variation?
Thanks in advance one and all!!! 🙂

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi mate,

1). Yeah if you are not shipping a lot of units it might be better to have your supplier directly ship it with air express ( like DHL). Shipping cost will be relative high but you will be able to ship very small quantities this way. There is a lot more to it. I am working on a new (free) checklist tool where I have described this process a lot better. I am not really releasing it to the public yet but I think you will find it usefull since I have written a lot of info about shipping in the tool. You can find the tool @ It is still in beta, so if you can provide any feedback that would be great for me as well!

2). Yes you need a UPC code for each product. I don’t buy them on GS1 but I buy them from cheap resellers.

3. More variations = More stock = More risk. I usually start with 1 variation of a product. If it is a success I can easily expand and launch more variations. You don’t want to be stuck with 5 variations, 1000 units each variations = 5000 units.

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