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Chris asked 4 months ago


I’m wondering what the process is for  setting up a seller’s account on if I’m located in Canada? I’ve done research and sounds like alot of people recommend selling on .com not on .ca. I’ve been reading mixed responses on how to set it up….get an LLC, US bank account. Other posts say you dont need any of that.


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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Chris,

I am an abroad Seller as well, so I think I can answer this question perfectly.

The main reason people recommend selling on instead of .ca because the market is way bigger. This doesn’t mean you will always have more success on .com. If you can find a niche product that nobody is selling on .ca you might have more success on .ca. However, in general you have better chance on .com because the market is simply bigger.

To setup your account you don’t need an LLC or US bank account. I have been selling on for year and I have neither of those.

Good luck!

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