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Woo asked 8 months ago

Hi there,
Could I ask a Q about a search Vol?
I was monitoring A product while doing some Amazon course. Long story short when I type the exact product name Helium 10 tells me the search vol is 250 per month. Then I click the product listing and do cerebro search to see what keywords or products are there there are related key word phrase that has 1800 search vol per month.
Unfortunately this related keywords are not the exact name of the product but likes of … activities for (something) which the product is related to. Hope this makes a sense.
The main competitor is selling 120 units per month and the price range is around $50. This seems to be a good opportunity for a beginner like me and I feel I could improve a lot on the existing product. Do you think this search volume is a bit low even though the main competitor is doing healthy sales around 6k per month?
Also if I ask the Chinese factory to modify the existing item can I ask them to not advertise it on their Alibaba web listing? for the sake of someone just sourcing the same product and taking a pie of my sales? I haven’t launched any product in Amazon yet.

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 8 months ago

I only look at the sales volume, not the search volume. Since sales volume is the only thing that really matters and search volume is based on very loose estimates.
Sure you can ask them not to advertise it on Alibaba. But there is a very small chance they will do this. Chinese sellers don’t give a fuck about customer loyalty, it’s a totally different business world out there. If you want to be sure nobody is going to copy you you need to; 
A). Patent your product
B). Source from a US Manufacturer.

Obviously both of these actions are going to cost a lot of money, so the choice is yours.

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