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QuestionsResults when doing product research
Husein asked 5 months ago

Thank you for the consistent information you provide to us newbies. 
I am doing product research and for many products I have found have low competition and medium/high demand. Sometimes I find that the top 10 or 20 listings are doing well but the rest of the listings (on page 3 or 4) show the exact same product but they don’t sell at all.
Now I am talking about products where you can’t change or make the product better to have a unique selling point.
1a. My question is why are those products on page 3 or 4 not doing well?
1b. Is it because they are not advertising their product (PPC)?
1c. or is it because they haven’t found the right keywords?
I know this sounds a little strange to ask and seems very irrelevant but I think its relevant as for a beginner doing product research if I would bring this product (where it can’t be made better/no unique selling point) the chances are high I end up on page 3 or 4 with no sales.
2. Would you go for products where you sell the exact same product as other sellers and instead bundle it or add/change packaging or have a different color of that product and make that your unique selling point?
I hope you understand my questions lol
Thanks in advance

1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi mate,
About your first point: Yes, this is a very important point that I like to use when doing my product research. I take a look at the second page and find out what I can do better then them. Or in other words; you are trying to find out why they are not ranking on page #1. 

  • Is their price too high?
  • Do they have bad quality images
  • Are they lacking reviews?
  • Are they not using the right keywords?

So if you have analysed the second page and determined that they are ranking there because they have a high price, bad images, etc… all points you can beat them on. Then I would go for it. What you are trying to determine is if you can beat the product that are on page #2, which will result in you ranking on page #1, and getting some sales.
On the other hand, if you analyse the second page and find that they are all very strong products. So if they all have a high reviews count, low price etc. All points where you think: “I probably can’t beat them”, then I would skip that product.

About point 2: Yes, always try to find a way to customise your product. If you can’t customise your product like you said you can differentiate yourself with a different color or with nice packaging.

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