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Husein asked 5 months ago

Thank you for the ongoing posts you are providing and answering all our questions.
I have been doing product research for my first product and have been stuck on this stage for a while now, most probably as I don’t want to make a silly mistake.
Lets say we find a product and as an example that product is a mug. Now when I type in “mug” on amazon it will show me great numbers (low reviews, high demand, low LQS, etc…) but the material is different for these mugs. A few are made from glass, some are plastic, some are wood. Now this inaccurate in my opinion as it gives you a broad result.

  1. Would you bring this as a product from China whether as a first product or even as a 5th – 6th product?
  2. The only way I can think of it to succeed in an item like this where different materials are used is to have a unique selling point (better material, better packaging, a few add-ons, bundled or better design) or have a lot of PPC invested in this so you sell more and end up on the first page. Would you agree with this?
  3. The product I have found has this issue and it is a good sold product, as a whole. But when I search this product specifically adding the material to it (wood mug, aluminium mug) then it shows me the numbers are not the best but are okay. But when I go through the first and second page it shows that those people are not selling a lot due to low LQS, bad images, lack of reviews ormaybe not spending on PPC.. What would your opinion be on this, bearing in mind that this is for a first product.
  4. Thinking about this a bit more, wouldn’t this issue be with most products? They may be a good product as a whole but to better the product it may come down to sizing, material, packaging, design, bad listing quality, etc… As I have found a lot of products with this similar issue.
  5. Would you advise to go for a product where design would have to be your unique selling point? What i mean with design is not the shape but the printed cartoon or picture on the product.

I hope you understand where I am coming from.

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1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi mate,
Good question. I think you should always narrow your research down to a smaller niche. So in your example look for wooden mugs instead of just the mugs page.

It is quite logical that sales in these smaller niches are a lot lower versus sales shown in mugs in general. Because the first page for mugs is probably showing the top sellers from every smaller niche ( best wooden, plastic mugs etc ). However, the chance that you will rank on page 1 for mugs is very small.
So define a small niche that have enough sales volume to be worth it for your ( $3,000 revenue per month is what I aim for ), but low enough competition that you can outrank them.

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