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Chloe asked 6 months ago

Hi, thanks for sharing the great information. May I know whether you engage a prep company to receive the products and do the prep works in US since you are not physically there? Or the prep works are all done by the supplier in China? Thank you.

3 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 6 months ago

I personally have all my prep work done in China. The reason I do all the prep is that it’s way cheaper. If you do you prep working ( such as labeling, packaging, etc ) in the US you would pay more for labour & you would have to ship the goods twice withint the US ( once to the prep warehouse & once to the FBA warehouse ).

Chloe answered 6 months ago

May I know how you communicate with the supplier in China to do the prep works and whether they charge additional fees for that? Thank you. 

Garlic Press Seller Staff replied 6 months ago

Yes you can just ask them. Most of the time they are willing to label stuff for free (like put the FNSKU label on there). And for other prep work like product inserts they charge a small fee.

Chloe answered 6 months ago

Thank you very much!

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