New Amazon Seller – No Sales?

QuestionsNew Amazon Seller – No Sales?
Somi asked 4 months ago

Hello there
I got familiar with Amazon last year, I launch my first product next month, But my product doesn’t sold I dont know why? I ran ppc, spend 300USD and sold two items, today one of them refunded.
I optimized my listing, Title , photos, price, nothing happened yet.What is your recommend now? what should I do that?

Thank you so much

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1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi mate,
This can be caused by a lot of things

  • Is your product better than what others are currently offering?
  • Is your product cheaper?
  • Does your listing have better images?
  • Better reviews?
  • Does your listing stand out when customers go through the search results?

All kinds of things you can outperform your competitors on.

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