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Edward J asked 1 week ago

I have ordered several products in the past and have always just picked the best initial offer out of several suppliers. I see in your case study that you have negotiated with every one of them. Has there been a product that you have not negotiated for? I have not considered it until this point, I figured lowering the price would diminish the quality the factory would put into the product, you may have saved me quite a bit of money in the future!

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 1 week ago

I have always negotiated ( or at least tried to ) about the price. I agree that if you push to hard that it might have an negative effect on the product quality. Although you should be able to check this with an inspection or another form of quality control.

But negotiating is very normal in China and part of their business culture.  So I think you should always give it a go. There is a lot of wiggle room between the first price they give you and the actual lowest price they are willing to sell for.

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