Multiple Amazon FBA Tools Needed?

QuestionsMultiple Amazon FBA Tools Needed?
Dylan asked 1 month ago

Hello, three professionals here looking to start a small ecommerce business and parlay those earnings something else. This month we have all taken different aspects of the process to research. One question we have all come back to that we weirdly cannot agree on:

Should we only be using one FBA tool, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, helium, etc?

Are successful sellers using more than one or do they generally offer most of the same information so it’s more like “choose one”? I know obviously different tools have their uses but just a general question. Have been devouring information on the site and just joined the subreddit. Thank you so much!

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 1 month ago

I guess you already answered your questions; Depends on what you need.
I only use 1 tool per process. So when doing product research I typically only use Jungle Scout. However, when I want to use a function that Jungle Scout does not offer, I might switch it up with another tool.
For example sometimes I like to do the 999 trick to get an exact idea of how many sales someone is doing. Jungle Scout does not offer this feature, but Sellics does. I guess this is a bit more advanced, but if you are just starting out you should be fine with only 1 tool.

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