Looking at dates added + BSR ranking during product research

QuestionsLooking at dates added + BSR ranking during product research
James Park asked 7 months ago

HI there,

I’ve been following your website for the past week and must say that it is some great material. Have been learning alot and applying them myself. I just got JS web app and extension and have found a few interesting products. I came across one product that caught my attention. It was doing a lot of sales, not many reviews, but there were ALOT of seller listing making it competitive, but again, low reviews. I noticed that a lot of these sellers listed their products in the 6 months or year.
Is looking at the date added considered valuable information?  if a number of sellers that have listed in the last year or so that have generated alot of revenue with little reviews. I guess it’s a up ward trending product.

I dont see Junglescout has the option to see date added on listings but AmzScout does.


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