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QuestionsJungle scout chrome extension vs Web app
Husein asked 1 year ago

I am still at the product research stage but now I am tracking the potentially good products. What I have noticed is that these products seemed to be good when I was researching and numbers were great on the chrome extension. So I tracked all these products and left them for a week or two.
Later I found out that the numbers dropped with the chrome extension but the numbers on the Web app showed that there is still potential in bringing this/these product(s).
1. Is this something common that these numbers fluctuate and differ so much from Web app compared to the extension?
2. This looks like something that could happen when your product is being manufactured or is on its way to the fulfilment centre. Is this something that has happened to you or anyone you know? If yes, how did you go about in solving this issue?
I have another question related to the chrome extension but I will send it in the next one.
Thank you

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1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 1 year ago


  1. I am guessing that the web app is kinda delayed. Not sure though, I use the chrome extension to make my final decision.
  2. Yeah it is possible that the demand for a product drops or competition increase, while you are manufacturing the product. This is one of the risks you will encounter when running a business. One thing you can do is diversify into multiple products to spread the risk.

Good luck!

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