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Husein asked 4 months ago

When doing product research the chrome extension gives you the data where you can see if this product is good enough for me or not. Now in your post of how to do product research, you look at the top 10 sellers and do look at the second and third page as well.
Now if I check the top 10 sellers today it may different compared to next week (as they update their data once a week, correct me if I am wrong).
So a product could be good today and not so good in two weeks time.
So wouldn’t it be better to look at it from revenue or BSR, on the chrome extension (by clicking the revenue or BSR tab so it gives you the highest numbers first and lowest at the bottom) , instead of looking at the sellers from 1 to 10?
I’m probably over complicating the product research stage lol

Thanks again

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1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi mate,

Most cases the top 10 sellers for let’s say a Garlic Press will be the same today as next week. The one thing that might differ is the revenue per seller. That is why I take a look at the average sales over all top 10 sellers. As 1 seller might have a really good / bad day. And that would influence the result if you would only take a look at 1 seller.


In the bigger picture I just want to get an idea about how many people are being Garlic Presses on Amazon per month. And if that market is big enough for me to take a piece of.


But yeah, I mostly ignore the x/10 rating that these Chrome extensions have and just look at the revenue.

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