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Raza Syed asked 2 months ago

So I have heard that a lot of sellers split their shipping two ways to save on inventory costs. For example, if they created 500 units total they will send 200 units to Amazon and the other 300 units to their own warehouse or storage. And whenever the need to restock their inventory they will just send their units already in a domestic location to Amazon’s warehouse.
I think in almost every case the extra cost of shipping would save you $$$ vs. the extra cost on Amazon Inventory.

How does this work?
Will shipping labels be different for some units when you are manufacturing the product?
For restocking your inventory would a domestic carrier be able to pick up your units from (let’s say your house as the storage area) and deliver it to an Amazon Warehouse?

1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 2 months ago

In my experience it is cheaper to ship all directly then to store at a 3rd party warehouse and have to ship twice. Of course this all depends on your situation ( are you dealing with Long term storage? Holiday storage rates etc)

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