Initial Investment to start with Amazon FBA

QuestionsInitial Investment to start with Amazon FBA
Ryan Brown asked 4 months ago

I have done nothing with FBA, and am just interested in learning more about it. I appreciate your blog, because it has cleared up some things that I had been wondering about. As for my question, what is a good amount to have for an initial investment? 1K, 3K, 5K…and is it good to stick with just one product at first, or to diversify? I think the second question will be answered by the ROI on the first product.
Thank you for time and help!

1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi mate,
To get started you will be fine with $1k. This way you can learn the whole process, make a few mistakes, without to much at risk. Obviously you won’t become rich, but it will get you started.

After you have sold your first batch of product and feel like this is a business you want to pursue, I would advice you to diversify & start with more capital.

But yeah I guess this all depends on your goals. For me I wanted to quit my job ASAP and rely on my FBA income. So I had a lot of focus to increase my income ( which required more starting capital ). But if you want to use FBA as a side-project for some extra income, you will probably be fine with $1k.

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