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Cee asked 6 months ago

What all is involved in importing goods?
I ‘m either shipping to my home or directly to FBA, but where I’m struggling is in knowing what to expect in the process.
Where does customs come in? Do orders always go to customs first?  
What kind of fees should I expect outside of the item price in regards to the importing process so I can have an accurate total costs before placing an order? 
I ordered a case of 50 small items (under 4 oz. each) once to my home and had no problems, but my concern is if ordering larger items (say around 2 – 5 lbs) in greater quantity; will it go the same, or is there more hurdles, expenses involved? 
Thanks for your time, love the site.

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 6 months ago

That would depend; are you planning to ship with ocean freight or air express (like TNT)?

With ocean freight the forwarder will handle all the customs stuff and add the costs later to your quote. You can estimate how much import fee you will pay by looking up the HS code for your product, and you will see directly how much % of import fee you have to pay over the cost price of the goods.

I never ship with air express anymore, but from what I remember is that you customs costs is already included in the quoted price.

Other costs that you might run into when shipping large quantities; Amazon might want to split the shipment up and have you ship to different warehouses. So this will increase your shipping cost, or you can turn on Inventory Placement Service to ship to 1 warehouse.

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