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QuestionsFinding main keyword to run numbers on
Eddie Liao asked 9 months ago

Can you help me wrap my brain around this product research/keyword validation question?
Let’s say I want to sell a bulk pack of 12 plain cotton t-shirts for those that want a big quantity of tshirts for arts and crafts, small business, etc.
Will my main keyword be either:
• t-shirts
• cotton t-shirts
• bulk cotton t-shirts
I am struggling because if I search t-shirts or cotton t-shirts as my main keyword, I am getting big named companies who are selling only one t-shirt with designs or they are t-shirts made out of completely different material than what I intend to sell. Also, completely random products get pulled in that are completely unrelated.
I have my target niche and demographic that I want to target, but I’m not sure if I am too narrow in my product validation
If I search: “material” + “main product keyword” + “bulk” the results are good.
If I search: “material” + “main product keyword” the results aren’t as good and seems more competitive.
What I want to compete against are the other sellers selling a set/pack versus the ones selling just one item.

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