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D asked 9 months ago


Came across your blog via one of your posts on Quora. Must say you have done a fantastic job in providing so much free information.
1 – I’m from the UK, I’m wondering your thoughts on Amazon market USA vs UK? I am looking to get into FBA as a side hustle, and debating which market to charge.
2 – I have an Amazon account for many years (as a buyer). Can I convert this account to a Seller type, or should I create a brand new account just for selling? Also, as the seller account is a monthly fee, I’m probably best to do my product research / liasing with suppliers / private labeling / shipping to Amazon Warehouses before creating seller account? All of the above can probably take a month, thus the seller account fee for the month would be wasted..
3 – A suggestion, maybe have some sort of donation page set up? You provide some good info. There’s some individuals in the UK charging £1000 for their FBA course. I’ve picked up so much already from this blog. Wouldn’t mind donating a little if you had something set up!


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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi mate,
Thanks for the kind words

  1. IMO UK is only a fraction of the US. For me it´s not worth it since the market is so small. While you stil have to jump through the same hoops (vat, customs, importing, production, etc). So yeah, I only sell on Amazon US. However, if you are from the UK you might feel more comfortable selling in the UK.
  2. Seller & buyer account are seperate on Amazon. You can start with a basic seller account while you are setting everything up. Then once you are ready to start selling you can upgrade to the pro $40 seller plan.
  3. Thanks mate, but I make a fair amount on Amazon that I really don’t need a donation page for people who I help out. I get a couple of bucks if you buy one the tools that I use through my referal link. But for me this is mostly just writing about my Amazon journey and helping eachtother out. During this time, I have met a lot of sellers that are way bigger than me, who I have learned from as well.

Cheers & good luck!

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