Feeling lost… How to market our Amazon Product?

QuestionsFeeling lost… How to market our Amazon Product?
Dennis asked 5 months ago


My name is Dennis, I’m 20 years old and launched my first ever Amazon Product in the Baby-category a while ago with my partner. First and foremost, I’d like to THANK YOU for your quality content for new Amazon Sellers like me. Keep up the great work!

Unfortunately, we’ve run into some hurdles on trying to market my product. The toughest challenge so far is to get the ball rolling with sales and gaining those first initial reviews. We have invested time into product differentiation, building a brand, providing a solution to problems many users have complained about, writing an eye-catching copy and make our listing really stand out from the rest in our niche.

The biggest problem for us is how to market our product. We feel completely lost and it feels so frustrating…

We have invested quite a lot into our PPC-campaigns, but they barely generate sales. We have tried our best, but it seems like we are missing out on something really important. We are now coming to the conclusion that it has to do with what kind of keywords we’ve been using as the amount of sales we’ve made are really low.

So my questions to you are:

  1. How can we determine the best keywords for our niche market and how should we structure them when investing on our PPC-campaings?
  2. How can we determine our Target Market on Amazon and efficiently market to them through PPC?
  3. Words of motivation for new sellers like us? To keep fighting for building a BIG Amazon Brand in the future and giving value to buyers around the world?

Thank you so much in advance! Have a good one.

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Garlic Press Seller Staff replied 5 months ago

Hi mate,

Yeah the beginning is very hard. Once you get those first couple of reviews it gets easier. However, it's hard for me to pinpoint where the problem lies. Seems like you are hitting all the right points, but perhaps you picked a very competitive niche?

What is your pricing like? Are you able to undercut your competitors by let's say $5 and give customers a better offer?

Do you have Early Reviewer Program?

Regarding PPC; I have written (long) PPC guide: <a href="http://garlicpressseller.com/fba-sales/amazon-ppc/amazon-ppc-strategy-guide-tutorial/">a&quot; rel="nofollow">http://garlicpressseller.com/fba-sales/amazon-ppc/amazon-ppc-strategy-guide-tutorial/</a>  This should help you in the right direction with PPC.