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QuestionsFBA Product Launch & 2-Step Super URL For Ranking
Caleb asked 3 years ago

Hi Garlic Seller,
I am reading different things about if URL manipulation such as 2step URL (and all others) are still working and if people are getting banned for using them. Are they still a safe bet in your opinion? If not, what is the current best practice to rank for keywords aside from PPC? Thanks! I was planning on running my traffic from email list through 3rd party service like Zonpages.

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi mate,

From my experience, super url / 2-step URL don’t work anymore. I think this is also the consensus in the FBA community. So sure, you can use them as you won’t get banned for it, but it won’t have an effect either.


A little trick you can use with URL manipulation is;

When you create a listing, Amazon will take the brand name & title for creating your listing URL.

For example this is the listing URL for this Garlic Press:


So Amazon takes the Brand name: “Pampered Chef” and then adds the title to create the the listing URL. The keywords that you have in your listing URL are very important if you want to rank your Amazon listing on Google. So a little trick you can do is enter the most important keywords you want to use as the brand name when creating your listing. This way Amazon will use these keywords in your listing URL, making it easier for you to rank in Google for these keywords.

Then later you can edit your listing and use your real brand name.


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