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Jack asked 4 months ago

I have a particular niche of mine that has risen in popularity sharply in the past month. In it’s current state, my competitors are selling the exact same product as me at lower costs and with more reviews. I believe it is time for me to cut my losses, however we still have about 300 units left in stock to sell. Organically we are unable to maintain rank and we cannot compete with our competitors with PPC. After several very long campaigns our best ACOS was around 65% (after amazon fees that causes us to sell at a loss). Have you ever had a product you’ve had to get rid of like this and how did you go about it? I have heard that liquidation is a possibility but from what I’ve seen we probably would be better just letting it trickle away with organic sales (only a few every couple days at this point).
Your advice would be much appreciated, thanks for all of the helpful information you’ve shared!

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 4 months ago

Jup I had products like this as well. I think any long term seller as you can never get 100% winners. I usefully drop my price to breakeven, or whatever price I have to drop to ( might even be at a loss ) to gain some sales and get rid of my remaining inventory.
I just want to recoup my losses ASAP and move on. 

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