Company structure selling on from Europe

QuestionsCompany structure selling on from Europe
Chris asked 7 months ago

Thanks for a great and informative blog. You provide high quality material that most others charge for.
I am not sure where you are based, but for some reason I got the impression you are based in Europe and not the US.
I would like to know how you have set up your company structure as I assume you want to have your income in the country you are based in and not in the US. I have seen suggestions of setting up LLC in the US, but then I thought you would be liable to pay tax there and if you also need to pay tax in your own country that would be double taxation. It is not that I am against paying tax, but I would like to get the income to my own company in the country were I am based if possible.

Any advice and input on this subject would be much appreciated.



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1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi mate,
Yeah I think you are spot on. I am based in Europe and I have setup my company in my home country. So I pay my corporate & income tax in my home country. You would still have to pay sales tax in the US, but you have to do this regardless of where you are incorporated.

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