Combination of Giveaways and Amazon Early Review Program

QuestionsCombination of Giveaways and Amazon Early Review Program
Kevin asked 1 year ago

In your 2019 Case Study for Private Product Launches, you mentioned how you were able to combine the Early Review Program and your giveaway tactics to increase sales velocity. I just don’t get how people you giveaway products for free are able to get an email from Amazon. Amazon doesn’t actually know that you gave products away for free and if the people with the free giveaways did leave a comment they wouldn’t be getting the 3 dollars from Amazon. I also tried to download the possible customer list link but it wouldn’t work.

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1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 1 year ago

When you do a giveaway you would give them a discount code for 99% discount. This way they would register in the Amazon system as a customer and can leave a review.

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