Based in the UK but selling in US market

QuestionsBased in the UK but selling in US market
Steve asked 7 months ago

Hi, I’m looking ya start my FBA business shortly and I’m signing up to the freedom builder package ($999)on jungle scout (any comments/opinions on this package and it’s if it’s necessary would be appreciated).
what are the main sticking points that I need to be aware of being based in the UK and selling in the US? Or is this even a viable idea?

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi mate,
I am based in Europe as well & selling in the US. So yes it is definitely possible. A couple of things to note for us:

  • You can’t psychically inspect your goods. Some sellers prefer to ship the bulk order to their home in the US first, inspect it them self and forward it to AMZ. Obviously this is not possible for us, as we only get to inspect the sample. Make sure you hire a 3rd part inspector to do your inspection in China, while the goods are still in the factory.
  • Even though you live in the UK you still have to pay your import & sales tax in the US. ( Import tax will be handled by your forwarder, and sales tax is automated in almost every state by AMZ )

Other than that it is pretty straight forward. I can run my whole US operation from Europe without a problem. Regarding Jungle Scout, I think it is currently the best tool out there so I like to use it for all my product research and all the info / courses they offer are also extremely resourceful!

Good luck!

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