Amazon Sample Consolidation through TipTrans?

QuestionsAmazon Sample Consolidation through TipTrans?
JJ asked 2 years ago

Appreciate the time you put into this blog. Can you explain the tip tran sample consolidation process more? I have very light sample of a product were I will be request 2 variations from about 6 suppliers all over China. So say roughly 12 different items or material samples. I can not figure out how to guage the cost or setup the service with Tip Trans to and send to me? I know I would provide the tip tran address to my suppliers to send the suppliers but am i buying a virtual address? Can you just dive into sample consolidation more?THanks!

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes the process is that you give your supplier the address of TipTrans in China. Tiptrans would receive your samples and put them all together to be shipped as 1 package.
You would have to calculate how big your packages are and decided if you want Tip Trans to take the samples out of the packaging or leave them as is to get a decent idea of the cost.

However, for me the cost has always been less ( by far ) then sending 6 individual packages.