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Anthony Spencer asked 7 months ago

Hi Garlic press seller

My names Anthony and if you have the time to answer some queries I have it would be much appreciated.

First off I love the blog posts you have made so far, they have been extremely helpful and can’t wait for more.

Me and a friend are starting our amazon FBA business together, we are about to order our first product but even though we have done a load of research on it and it fits all characteristics that you have said for it to be a good product, we still obviously are not 100% sure and just wanna ensure that this product will work.
We were just wondering how you did on your first few products and how you came about being able to perform product research so efficiently?
Any extra tips on a first timer for e-commerce especially through Amazon FBA.

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1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi mate,
Not sure what to tell you. There is no 100% guarantee that your product will be a success, regardless how good your product research is.
I would say I am fairly decent at Amazon product research, but I also occasionally have a product that fails.
I guess it’s all part of being an entrepreneur and that you have to take a risk once a while. I think the best advise I can give you is to spread the risk. Don’t invest more than you can loose and if possible spread the risk by launching 2 products with a small quantity instead of 1 product with a larger quantity.
Good luck!

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